Witness: Altantuya Told Police To Look For Najib's Aide If Something Ever Happened To Her

It is learnt that a distressed Altantuya Shaariibuu lodged a police report on 19 October 2006 while worrying about her safety, some hours before she was fatally shot and her body blown up with explosives.

Cover image via The Guardian & New Straits Times

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The Shah Alam High Court was told yesterday, 18 May, that murdered Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu lodged a police report on the same day she went missing almost 16 years ago

Supt Tonny Anak Lunggan, who was the investigating officer in Altantuya's murder case, said that DSP Gan Tack Guan told him in a phone call on 3 November 2016 that the murder victim lodged a police report at the Tun H S Lee Police Station at 1.08pm on 19 October 2006, according to Bernama.

"I checked the police report through the Police Reporting System (PRS) and printed it out. I found it to be true that the police report was made by Altantuya and informed DSP Gan and Supt Zainol Samah about the report," the 42-year-old officer told the court.

"I remember one thing very clearly. Altantuya stated in the report that if something were to happen to her, look for Razak Baginda."

Abdul Razak Baginda is the former aide of then deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Najib RazakAltantuya was also said to be Razak's mistress.

Tonny is the 26th witness in the RM100 million negligence suit filed by Altantuya's father, Dr Shaariibuu Setev, and his family against former policemen Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar Umar, Razak and the Malaysian government.

He is currently working in the Bukit Aman Prosecution and Legal Division.

Abdul Razak Baginda.

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In a previous proceeding, the court was told that corporal Nurwazlihawa Ibrahim took a two-page police report from a distressed Altantuya at the police station

Altantuya said she came to Kuala Lumpur to see Razak and to get some money that had been promised to her, and that she would return to Mongolia after that, reported Free Malaysia Today.

The victim said Razak had threatened her life and had accused her of blackmailing him with some "stupid letters".

Fragments of Altantuya Shariibuu's body were found about two to three weeks after she was last seen.

Image via The Times

Responding to a question by counsel Sangeet Kaur Deo, who represented Altantuya's family, Tonny said inspector Zamilah Mamat was assigned to investigate the victim's police report

However, Zamilah did not get the chance to record a statement from the late Altantuya.

Tonny said it was important for an investigation to be carried out into the police report, as it was lodged by the deceased herself, and was directly related to her disappearance, reported Bernama.

"Furthermore, the report was made on the same day as her disappearance (19 October 2006)," he told the court.

"Although I am not the investigating officer of the report, I will still take the report into consideration because it is directly related to my investigation, especially with regards to Namiraa Gerelmaa's report on the disappearance of her friend (Altantuya)," he said.

Free Malaysia Today reported that Namiraa was Altantuya's cousin and that she also implicated Razak in her police report.

Former Special Action Unit (UTK) personnel Sirul Azhar (left) and Azilah Hadri were convicted of murdering Altantuya.

Image via Malay Mail

Following the two police reports, Razak, who is also a political analyst, was arrested on 7 November 2006

Tonny said Razak also lodged two police reports on 23 October 2006: one was about Altantuya's threats against him, while another was about the harassment he faced by a man and two foreign women.

Asked by Sangeet whether Tonny knew why the police report was made seven days after Altantuya went to Razak's house on 17 October 2006, he replied he did not know why Razak made the police report late, and he was not given an explanation on the matter.

Razak Baginda was arrested on 7 November, more than three weeks after Altantuya's murder.

Image via AFP via Yahoo! News

Altantuya was murdered between 10pm on 19 October 2006 and 11am the following day in the jungles of Puncak Alam, Selangor.

She was shot in the head before her body was blown up with explosives.

Razak was charged with abetting police officers Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azahar Umar in connection to the murder, but he was later acquitted without being called into defence, reported Free Malaysia Today.

In 2009, Sirul and Azilah were convicted for killing Altantuya, but the Court of Appeal overturned their conviction in 2013.

Later in 2015, the Federal Court restored their conviction and sentenced them to death. Sirul then fled to Australia before the final verdict.

In December 2019, former policeman Azilah Hadri confessed for the first time to the killing of Altantuya:

Learn more about the case here:

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