Woman Accuses Pet Store Of Negligence When Her Dog Couldn't Open Its Eyes After Grooming

She said the store had also previously injured her dog and did not tell her about it.

Cover image via Facebook

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A woman has accused a well-known pet store at a mall in Petaling Jaya of negligence while grooming her dog

In a review posted on Petsmore Malaysia's Facebook page on Thursday, 4 March, a Facebook user shared how disappointed she was with the store despite being a loyal customer there for over a year.

She wrote that her boyfriend sent their dog to the store's 1 Utama Shopping Centre outlet on Wednesday, 3 March, but was angry when her brown Pomeranian came back stressed and inactive unlike its usual self.

"When we came home, we realised that my dog couldn't open both his eyes!" she said.

The woman recounted how her boyfriend had already noticed something wrong with the dog's eyes when he picked it up at the store

However, the staff dismissed his concern and simply said it had fur in its eyes.

"The lady groomer then brought my dog to clean his eye with a piece of tissue but she was super rough when handling him, my boyfriend was shocked at her actions," she said.

To make matters worse, as the boyfriend was about to pay the bill for the grooming session, he said he heard a loud scream coming from the groomer in the grooming room.

He rushed over, thinking something had happened to their dog, but instead saw that the groomer had dropped a white Pomeranian on the floor and it looked motionless for a few seconds.

The customer alleged her boyfriend saw the dog foaming at the mouth, looking like it was in a seizure.

The staff tried to brush off the issue and quickly told her boyfriend to pay and leave

He left. However, at home, they soon realised that their dog's eye problem was more severe than they initially thought.

"I noticed that his conjunctiva was swollen and inflamed, and he is not as active like his usual self," the woman wrote, accusing the pet store of giving her dog an eye infection.

She told SAYS she was worried for her dog who looked stressed after the grooming session and could not open his eyes for the whole night.

The woman also revealed that the last time she sent her dog to the store for grooming, it came back with an injury too

"He came back with an accidental cut on the base of his penis and they didn't have the courtesy to tell me when I picked him up. I found it myself when my dog was acting sad, like he is now again!" she wrote.

"I understand if these are accidents, but how many more times should I accept these incidents of gross negligence?" she questioned.

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Image from Facebook
Image via Facebook

She demanded an explanation from Petsmore as well as appealed to them to hire more professional groomers in the future

The customer added that until then she will stop patronising their stores.

"I don't think this should happen when we trust our pets to them. My whole family is completely appalled," she said.

She also hoped the store was forthcoming to the owner of the white Pomeranian that suffered the fall.

After reaching out, Petsmore told SAYS that they have contacted the pet owners and have no further comment on both the incidents.

Last month, the same outlet was called out for allegedly neglecting puppies in their cages:

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