[VIDEO] Woman Argues With Caterers & Demands To Pack Food Home At Wedding

"He (the host) has already paid. I am sure you could tapau (pack) one or two packets for me," she said.

Cover image via @localrkyt (X) & Freepik

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A video of a woman arguing with caterers at a wedding recently went viral as she was trying to tapau food even before the wedding began

The video was reposted on X, the platform previously known as Twitter, by the user @localrkyt. It showed the woman eagerly asking the caterers to pack some food for her, as the staff denied her request.

The caption of the video stated that it was only 10.30am, and the woman had already eaten before she demanded a takeaway.

Even though her request was initially declined by the caterers, she persisted, claiming that the host has already paid for the food anyway

"He (the host) has already paid. I am sure you could tapau (pack) one or two packets for me," the woman can be heard saying in the video.

Despite the woman's insistence, the workers kindly informed her that they would only pack food for her and accommodate such requests after the reception ends. 

The workers also expressed that they could not just act on their own accord, without their manager or the host's approval.

According to Harian Metro, the woman had even brought her own empty food packaging to the wedding reception to take away some food.

Image via @localrkyt (X)

The woman's actions quickly went viral, with many amused and angered by her approach

The 44-second video has garnered 2.5 million views on X, with netizens voicing a range of opinions and reactions.

"The actual tapau culture is to pack leftovers after an event has ended, so as to not waste the host's money and the food prepared. However, now it has become a habit to people," observed one user.

Another user also added, "It is considered haram to pack food without the permission of the host."

Image via @localrkyt (X)

While some of the users expressed their dissatisfaction, some found the situation amusing.

"Get the name and the contact number of this aunty. She is totally banned from attending any wedding receptions," joked one user.

"A similar incident happened during my wedding. Luckily, I'm quite a firm person. I told her before the event started, "Aunty, if you want to tapau, do it after the event. I need to pack for my relatives first." Whatever she said about me afterwards didn't bother me. After all, I was the one footing the bill, not her," another user shared.

Image via @localrkyt (X)

A caterer also took to the comments section to share their own personal experience with guests who could not resist packing food.

"I'm quite used to situations like this because we run a catering service. We've seen guests wanting to tapau even before the event starts," the user shared. 

"We try to politely explain the situation, but sometimes they get upset, claiming that they are packing the food for their dinner. We tend to mention that we don't have any plastic containers, and guess what? They would pull out plastic containers from their bags as if they were prepared all along. Even if we allow them to pack, we still get those disapproving glances," they added.

Image via @localrkyt (X)

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