Woman Calls Out Moving Service For Trying To Charge Her Double The Price She Agreed To

The problems began when the moving company showed up at her house with a five-tonne lorry instead of the smaller one she had ordered.

Cover image via Arissa Chua (Facebook) & Lori Sewa Murah

A woman has expressed her dissatisfaction with a lorry rental and moving service after she claimed that they tried to charge her extra at the last minute

Arissa Chua took to Facebook last Wednesday, 11 January, to share that she had requested a one-tonne lorry and two helpers from the company to move her belongings.

They gave her an initial quotation of RM250, to which she agreed as she found the price affordable.

Arissa also thought it was a reliable company, as she got its contact number from advertisements on Facebook, and also went through its official website.

However, the moving company showed up at her house with a five-tonne lorry instead of the smaller one she had ordered

Confused as to why they brought a different lorry, she asked the movers and was told they had a job that required the five-tonne lorry afterward.

"They had another job that required a five-tonne lorry after my house, so [they said] they might as well bring a five-tonne lorry," Arissa said.

She said she let them proceed with their work without asking further questions, but that was where the drama began.

While loading her belongings onto the lorry, one of the workers informed her that they had exceeded the one-tonne limit, which surprised her.

She was shocked because she said she only had a few items to load onto the vehicle, which included:
- A 9.5kg washing machine
- A six-foot vanity mirror
- A bar table with two stools
- A king-sized mattress
- Small items packed in a few boxes

After a lengthy discussion, the driver requested that Arissa upgrade the capacity to accommodate her remaining items

Eventually, Arissa had to agree because she had no time to search for another lorry rental service.

When asked about the quotation for an upgrade, the driver replied, "Double lah!" in an arrogant tone, which meant she had to fork out RM500.

While loading her items onto the lorry, the driver said the load had exceeded two tonnes and needed to be increased again. 

"You can't do this to me! How do you even know if the space has been occupied when you drove a five-tonne lorry here?" the woman said, as she had lost her patience with their service.

Arissa said she then tried to report the situation to the administration of the company. However, it did not make things any better.

She said the admin also responded rudely to her and seemed to side with the driver.

Arissa claimed that after failing to reach an agreement, the driver and helpers unloaded all of her belongings from the lorry and drove away.

Speaking to SAYS, Arissa said that she managed to find another lorry through Lalamove three hours later.

She added that it took her six hours to finally settle down in her new place, as the moving process took her another three hours.

SAYS has reached out to Abang Lorry for a statement on the matter.

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