Woman In Disbelief After KL Dim Sum Restaurant Charges Her RM28 For 4 Cups Of Tea

"Is this RM6 cup of chrysanthemum tea made out of gold?" the woman questioned.

Cover image via KL娱乐站 (Facebook)

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A woman took to Facebook recently to rant about the poor service she received at a restaurant and — to add insult to injury — having to pay RM28 for four cups of plain chrysanthemum tea

On Monday, 23 January, the woman recounted her experience in the Facebook group, KL Entertainment Station.

She said her family had travelled all the way from Cheras to Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur, as her mother had wanted to try the food at the famous dim sum restaurant on the second day of Chinese New Year.

However, as soon as they entered the establishment, she said they were confronted by rude behaviour from the staff

"We entered the restaurant and you saw us walk in but nobody came over to tell us that you've run out of food," the customer ranted.

"[A waiter] even gave us a dark look on their face."

The woman said they tried multiple times to call a waiter over to take their order, but were ignored and only served four cups of chrysanthemum tea while they were seated there.

She claimed one of them even rolled their eyes at her.

The family then finally decided to leave the restaurant because "nobody wanted to serve [them]"

The woman said she handed RM15 to her brother to pay for the tea, but received a nasty shock when she saw that the amount, including the service charge, totalled to RM28.

"Is this RM6 cup of chrysanthemum tea made out of gold?" the woman wrote in disbelief, adding that she was appalled that the restaurant also dared to charge her a service charge despite her poor experience.

The Facebook post has since garnered over 2,100 reactions and 1,700 shares, with netizens also surprised by the woman's bill

"I really don't understand these businessmen. Just because it's the new year, it doesn't mean prices should soar sky high. It's not like the wages they pay their staff increases," one displeased user said.

Image via Facebook

"I just don't understand the service charge. The food itself is already so expensive. Do we really need to help them pay their rent too?" another user said. 

Image via Facebook

"Why even pay?" one user stated simply.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, another Malaysian was shocked that they had to cough up RM71.50 for a simple dish:

A Johorean family recently recounted how they were charged RM86 for a serving of nasi kandar with an extra plate of rice:

Another Malaysian man also received a nasty shock when he was told that his plate of mixed rice totalled to RM45:

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