Woman Falls To Her Death Because She Was Too Busy Looking At Her Phone

She was looking at her phone when she missed a step and fell down the stairs.

Cover image via Miaopai

Here’s a cautionary tale for anyone who's always on their phone instead of looking at where they're going.

A woman has died after falling off a staircase because she was too distracted by her own device.

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Image via Mirror

The unnamed young woman busy looking at her phone reportedly fell down a flight of stairs to her death in Suzhou, Anhui Province.

The tragic incident, which was captured by CCTVs, shows the woman walking down the stairs with her head down and mind focused on her phone.

The woman lost her footing and tumbled down the flight of stairs, coming to a hard landing on the pavement below

Image via Miaopai

According to Shanghaiist, the woman lost consciousness with heavy injuries to her head and face. She was rushed to the hospital, but passed away the next morning.

An eyewitness said the woman appeared to be in her 20s.

Watch the tragic footage below (viewer discretion is advised):

Smartphone-related incidents have been increasing lately, especially in China

Image via Shanghaiist

In April, a 2-year-old boy was run over by a car in Fujian province as the driver was focusing on a phone call. The boy miraculously survived.

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