Woman's 'Happy Ending' Turns Into A Nightmare After Finding Out Her Husband Is A Scammer

The man drained the woman's bank account and even cheated his mother-in-law.

Cover image via Drew Coffman/Unsplash & @twtmalaywedding

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What was supposed to be a 'happily ever after' ending for a newlywed woman has turned into a nightmare

Posted on the Twitter page @twtmalaywedding — where people would share wedding or marriage stories — a woman anonymously shared her aunt's horrifying marriage situation.

The woman, who shares a close bond with her aunt due to their close age gap, mentioned that her aunt got married some time in 2021 to a man she had recently been close to. The niece shared that the man and her aunt were schoolmates and, initially, were not close friends.

She was clueless as to how her aunt came to the decision to marry the man. However, because her aunt was not someone who was impulsive and easily fooled, she was sure that her aunt had thought it through.

The woman was unable to attend her aunt's wedding, but she noticed something odd about the groom in the pictures her mother shared with her from the ceremony

She realised that the man did not show his full face and was always hiding either by turning to the side or hiding behind the bride's hand.

The mother told the woman that the pictures turned out that way likely because the groom was constantly moving around at the wedding.

"Better be alert, ya. There must be something suspicious going on for those who want to hide their faces. [...] I did not feel good and felt that something was off, but I did not bother because I trusted that my aunt had done her research on the man," she said.

Months after the aunt's wedding, the husband started showing a different side of him

"He held on to my aunt's bank card. He badmouthed my aunt to their neighbours," she wrote.

He even sold her aunt's car, took a loan using her name, pawned all her jewellery, and stole her savings. The aunt had nothing left and her bank account was in the negative because of some loan.

Moreover, the man also had the nerve to cheat his own mother-in-law.

"He told my grandmother to pawn her jewellery to help with his business," the niece lamented.

He said that he ran a security company and was originally a lawyer, but in actual fact, he was a gangster who did illegal activities like human trafficking, gambling, and scam jobs.

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Image via Dylan Gillis/Unsplash

The woman said that the man carefully planned the scam — from the time they first met to the day they got married

"He, himself, confessed. My aunt was not his first victim," she mentioned.

Previously, he had married an engineer to steal her possessions and savings, similar to what he had done to her aunt.

She added, "Imagine working hard and then having everything taken away by someone else."

At the end of the post, she mentioned that the man also scammed his own parents.

The woman went on to say that the man was not a typical scammer but rather an expert who would marry someone just to cheat them

She also warned those who are planning to get married to do a check on their spouse first.

"Check his IC number. [Check] whether he already has three wives or if he has a criminal case."

According to her, these are important things to take note of because scammers like this are very good at making their stories believable to victims.

Her aunt is currently in bad condition and going to therapy as she suffers from depression

Anybody would be depressed if they had a negative bank account and owed a loan they never applied for, she exclaimed.

She hopes netizens will pray for her aunt so that she will get better and that the scammer will be caught and punished accordingly.

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