Woman Found Eight Plastic Items In A Fish She Was About To Cook

Mahi-mahi fish are susceptible to mistaking plastic for food.

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A woman in West Java, Indonesia was shocked when she cut open the stomach of a fish she was preparing to cook

Anna Nurjanah - a housewife and environmental campaigner - posted a video of her opening the mahi-mahi fish on her Instagram account, Volunteersindo, on 28 May.

"I bought this fish from a fisherman and this is what I found inside the fish. The future is now, we need to act now," the caption read.

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The video has garnered over 280,000 views at the time of writing.

Anna's helper was cutting open the fish when he noticed that its organ looked strange

He called the woman over for a second opinion and said that "there is something in the belly of the fish", Detik reported.

The two then inspected the contents of the fish's stomach.

Image via Instagram

Anna was horrified to find eight items of plastic - including a plastic spoon, a candy bar wrapper, a plastic strap, and a deodoriser cap - in the fish

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Other smaller pieces of plastic were also found inside its stomach.

Mahi-mahi, a common fish found in waters around the equators, feed on algae floating on the waters surface and other small fish

Image via Aftco

However, the fish are susceptible to ingesting plastic after mistaking it for food, New Straits Times reported.

Since fish struggle to break down plastic in their stomachs, they often starve to death as a result of consuming it.

Watch the video here:

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