Woman Grateful For Alam Flora Staff Stopping To Change Her Flat Tyre By The Roadside

The woman said she did not have the strength to change the tyre alone.

Cover image via Wow Online Shop (Facebook)

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A woman was touched when the only people who stopped to help her change her flat tyre were a couple of Alam Flora staff who were on their way home after work

In a Facebook post, the woman expressed her gratitude as she did not have the strength to change the punctured tyre alone and had no signal on her phone to call for help.

"I was standing helplessly by the roadside under the hot sun for 10 minutes, waving at cars passing by, but nobody bothered about me.

"Some people slowed down and approached me but drove away. Some just looked at me and kept on driving," she said in despair.

Fortunately, she said a lorry from Alam Flora, the local waste management company, passed by and was the only vehicle that stopped, rolled down their window, and asked if she needed a hand

"I didn't have time to say anything and thought they would leave too, but one of the abangs came down to look at what was wrong.

"He then called his colleagues over to help me and they changed my tyre under the blazing hot sun. Before leaving, they even reminded me to drive safely," she wrote.

The woman said she was extremely grateful for their kindness, given that she could not have done it alone

She added that they had also just got off the clock and it took them about half an hour to complete the task in the sweltering heat.

"Thank you, fellow Malaysians, for your help. I wish you all a lifetime of happiness," she said.

The Facebook post has garnered over 17,000 likes and 500 shares, with netizens praising the Alam Flora staff for their goodwill to help a stranger by the roadside.

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