Woman Refuses To Wear Face Mask On ETS And Tells The Captain Not To 'Shout' At Her

The woman had a face mask with her, but she refused to wear it.

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A video showing a woman not wearing a face mask while taking a long-haul train is going viral on Facebook

The video was shared by a netizen who only wishes to be known as Lee for this story.

She said she encountered the incident when she was heading to Ipoh from Taiping, Perak via Electric Train Service (ETS) on 27 December 2020.

Once she came aboard and went to her designated seat, she realised the woman sitting in front of her was not wearing a face mask.

Lee said she observed the woman for over 20 minutes and the latter did not make any attempt to wear a face mask.

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Giving her the benefit of the doubt, Lee thought that the woman could have lost her face mask. Thus, she and her friend offered her a new one.

However, the woman said she had one, but refused to wear it.

Upon hearing that, Lee's friend made a complaint to the staff on the train. Shortly after, the train broadcasted an announcement to remind passengers to put on their face masks.

Lee told SAYS that a number of passengers were also not wearing their face masks at that time. But after the announcement, everyone put on their masks, except for the woman.

This led the captain on the train to approach the woman and request that she put on the face mask.

To which she replied, "I have [worn] it for four hours."

According to Lee, the captain insisted the woman put on her face mask, but she kept saying no.

At one point, she allegedly told the captain not to "shout" at her.

"I'm a customer, you cannot shout at me," Lee quoted the woman as saying, before explaining that the captain was not shouting at all.

"Don't become a problem for us," the captain repeatedly told the woman.

Image via Facebook

When the woman realised Lee was filming her during the altercation, she started scolding Lee

In the 19-second long video, she can be heard telling Lee not to film her and "behave like bullsh*t". 

In the end, after the captain's constant pleas, the woman finally put on her face mask.

Image via Facebook

However, Lee told SAYS that as she was leaving the station, she turned back and saw, through the window, the woman removing her face mask once again.

At the time of writing, Lee's post has gone viral with over 1,700 shares

Many netizens supported Lee for demanding the woman to wear a face mask.

"In public place, public transport must wear mask lah. Adoi, still need people to explain and explain again," read a comment.

"Don't want to wear masks, please don't come out. Stay at home. Selfish people," another person chastised.

Meanwhile, one Facebook user said the woman should have been handed to the police so that she could be slapped with a RM1,000 fine.

Image via Facebook

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ETS was launched in September 2019. It is a business class coach that comes with onboard meals and service attendants:

Since 1 August 2020, not wearing a mask in public can leave you with a RM1,000 fine: