Woman Shares Her BLACKPINK Concert Toilet Situation In KL In Hopes Of Future Improvements

She shared that it was a similar experience during Billie Eilish's concert in the same stadium last year.

Cover image via @anabelle_co (Instagram)

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Thousands upon thousands of BLACKPINK fans showed up at their concert in Kuala Lumpur, which took place over the weekend at National Stadium Bukit Jalil

According to Malay Mail, rain or shine, some even lined up as early as the day before, while others came in from areas like Kelantan and Sabah just to catch the South Korean girl group.

However, it appeared that the toilets at the event were not up to par to accommodate the anticipated crowd.

In an Instagram post by Anabelle Co-Martinent, a Chinese-Filipino entrepreneur living in Malaysia, around 55,000 fans showed up to the event — a large contrast to the 15,000 who attended Billie Eilish's concert last year, which also took place in the same arena.

She shared that this time around, concert-goers faced a similar situation to Billie Eilish's concert where "basic needs" were not met

Despite the expectation of a huge crowd, soap and toilet paper had already run out in the washrooms by 4pm, hours before the event even began.

Anabelle shared that thousands of people had paid to attend, yet even the most basic of items were not prepared.

"[Concert] organiser or stadium management, please look into it. Thank you," she added in her post.

Her Instagram post has caught the attention of many, with some commenting that concert and stadium organisers should do their due diligence to ensure basic hygiene

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

If you attended the concerts, did you share a similar experience? Let us know.

BLINKs apparently screamed so loud during the concert that condo residents nearby could hear them:

It was more than just toilets that were an issue at Billie Eilish's concert in August:

For LANY's concert in June last year, fans were upset that a new seating arrangement was announced after they had already bought tickets:

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