BLACKPINK Fans Are So Loud That Even Condo Residents Nearby Can Hear Their Screams

"BLACKPINK in your area!"

Cover image via @myofficialblink (Twitter) & @azlinaamir_ (Instagram)

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BLACKPINK was in the area, and Malaysian fans made sure to make their presence felt!

Last Saturday, 4 March, tens of thousands of BLACKPINK fans, called BLINKs, witnessed their favourite K-pop group perform live at National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

It was estimated that some 60,000 fans attended the four-member group's Born Pink World Tour, which ran roughly from 8.25pm to 10.15pm.

The concert was so electrifying that people less than one kilometre away from the stadium could hear BLINKs' screams throughout the night.

In a tweet, fan account BLACKPINK STATS uploaded a video showing a resident from an apartment building some two-minute drive away hearing BLINKs screaming.

According to Azlina Amir, the resident who filmed the video, she said the screams coming from the concert were the loudest she had ever heard, even louder than football matches that were held there

When the 28-year-old was asked whether she was annoyed by the noise, she said she initially was "as my house is so near to the stadium".

"Last time, I also heard screaming (from) football matches, but BLINKs were the loudest so far," Azlina said when contacted, adding that she has been living in the apartment since 2021.

She said she heard the screams from time to time as if the fans were screaming the whole night until the concert ended.

BLACKPINK's concert in Malaysia last weekend is said to be the girl group's largest crowd thus far, although no official statements have yet to confirm the claim.

This concert marked the second time that the South Korean group, consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, performed in Malaysia.

Other than screaming their lungs out, fans were also upset about the toilet situation at the concert venue:

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