Lion Dancers Go Viral For Brilliant Dance Moves To Beats Of BLACKPINK, LMFAO & Squid Game

"I bet the bad spirits stayed to watch."

Cover image via @miegemezzzzzz (TikTok)

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One of the best parts of yearly Chinese New Year celebrations are the lion dance performances that often take place in homes, offices, and shopping malls

While we usually associate them with traditional elements that accompany the dance, with the sounds of gongs, drums, and cymbals, as well as the elaborate costumes worn by members of the performance crew, one shopping mall in Jakarta, Indonesia, decided to take a different route for Chinese New Year 2023.

In a TikTok that was posted by user @miegemezzzzz on Monday, 16 January, a group of lion dancers performed to cult hits associated with modern tunes of the 2010s and 2020s.

Comprising of three different lions, the dancers grooved to four popular song in succession, captivating members of the audience.

Among the four songs include LMFAO's 2011 hit, Party Rock Anthem, the TikTok classic by Vietnamese Singer Hoàng Thùy Linh, See Tình, and BLACKPINK's Pink Venom. Wrapping up the performance, the 'lions' ended their dance with one of the soundtracks from Netflix's Squid Game (2021), Way Back then.

The clip has since been watched more than eight million times and received more than 800,000 likes

Praising the dancers for their swift moves and clean skills, many commenters were impressed with how each lion executed their moves.

"This is so cute!" wrote one user, while another said, "The [floppy] ears have my heart!"

Adding some humour to the comments, one user jokingly added, "I bet the bad spirits stayed to watch."

Another user also mentioned how this would probably be the lion dance of Gen-Z'ers, as some of the soundtracks were as newly released as 2022.

Watch the full TikTok below:

@miegemezzzzzz barongsai jaman now ke empo cuma buat nntn barongsai wkwkw #barongsai #empo #emporium #emporiumpluitmall original sound - miegemezzzzz

In Malaysia, another TikTok went viral after a Malay girl executed a brilliant lion dance performance with her Chinese partner:

No two cultures are alike. Here are what lion dances look like in different countries around the globe:

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