"CNY Or Ghost Festival?" – Creepy Chinese New Year Mannequin Haunts M'sians At KL Mall

"Scare die me."

Cover image via Chan Fong 陳峰 (Facebook)

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It seems that Chinese New Year (CNY) 2023 is starting to become "scary" new year instead, as more frightening decorations have emerged

On this episode of scary CNY decorations, a creepy mannequin displaying a light green ceongsam went viral on Facebook for the terrifying way it was set up.

According to a video uploaded by 988 FM DJ Chan Fong on Monday, 16 January, the mannequin was set up on a platform and had a spotlight positioned at the bottom, shining directly upwards and casting a ghostly glow across its face.

To make matters worse, the mannequin's hair was draping down its face, making it look like a character from The Ring.

Just like any unsuspecting mall patron, Fong was shocked at the mannequin's appearance

"What on earth is this? This (the mannequin) is scary enough to frighten someone to death," Fong said, chuckling to himself in the video.

And many netizens agreed with him. Some netizens jokingly said that they didn't know the Hungry Ghost Festival, which is usually held in the month of July, had already arrived.

Image via Facebook

One netizen joked that the same mannequin and set up could be reused for Halloween.

Image via Facebook

In later photos, the display organisers must have seen Fong's video and decided to spruce up the figures to make the figures look less scary

The next time the mannequin had its photo taken, it had its hair tied into two pigtails, with its fringe parted so its face could be seen clearly.

Image via Facebook

However, not long after, the mannequin set up soon disappeared altogether.

Fong has also since confirmed its absence and apologised to the mall for leading to the removal of the mannequins.

Not sure why the mall took down the mannequins... or did they?

Image via GIPHY

Speaking of creepy mannequins, these CNY rabbit statues in Indonesia look like they came straight out of a zombie film:

This CNY rabbit statue was forced to "cover up" after Singaporeans complained that it looked like it was defecating:

Netizens were thoroughly amused by a Singapore mall's efforts to reuse their CNY mascot each year:

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