Japanese Woman Spends RM6 A Day For 16 Years And Now Owns Three Houses

Saki has since retired at 34 years old.

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A Japanese woman, who scrimped and saved for 16 years, has made headlines for being able to retire at 34 years old

Saki Tamogami was 18 years old when she first began to save money. 

Her goal was to be able to own properties before her 35th birthday.

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At 27, the determined young woman purchased her first home for 10 million yen (RM395,000)

By 29, she had already bought her second home at 18 million yen (RM711,000).

And in May this year, Saki was able to buy her third home for 37 million yen (RM1.4 million).

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How did she do it? She spent no more than 153 yen (RM6) a day.

According to a Japanese media report, Saki chose to only wear hand-me-downs and did not buy any new clothes since she was 18.

As for food, she only spent about 50 yen (RM2) on ingredients to make udon with vegetables.

"As long as I can fill my stomach, what I eat doesn't really make a difference," she reportedly said.

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At 29, she also cut and sold her hair for extra cash.

Not even two decades later, and Saki now owns three properties, which she purchased for a total of 55 million yen (RM2.17mil).

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Saki has since retired and lives off the rent she makes from the unoccupied rooms in her properties – providing her with a monthly income of 300,000 yen (RM11,800)

With her third property, she recently opened a cat cafe that adopts stray felines, Mothership reported. 

"Save your energy and money for something you love; only then, can one be said to be responsible for one's own life," she advised.

Teach us, sifu. Teach us.

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