Python Hanging From Ceiling Scared The Crap Out Of 2 Kids Brushing Their Teeth

The duo were left terrified from the incident.

Cover image via The Sun

Two kids in Australia got the shock of their lives when they caught sight of a python in the toilet

The duo was brushing their teeth before bed when they noticed the five-foot python slithering out of the toilet's light fittings. 

According to LADBible, the incident took place at their home in Brisbane, Australia earlier this week, 5 August.

Image via The Sun

The duo immediately left the toilet to inform their parents who later contacted snake catcher, Bryce Lockett

24-year-old Bryce removed the snake from the light fitting without causing any harm and released the reptile into a nearby creek.

He shared that the two kids were left terrified from the ordeal.

"People are generally quite terrified of them but I've owned snakes my whole life so I'm not too fazed," said Bryce, adding that he has been doing it as a career for seven years.

Image via The Sun

According to the snake catcher, it is common to find snakes in Australia, adding that one in three people have snakes lurking in their roofs

He revealed, however, that it is unusual for the reptile to appear through light fittings or ceilings.

"Carpet pythons are nocturnal and cold-blooded, which is why this one must have slithered down to enjoy the heat of the lamp - they're harmless but they don't like to be disturbed," Bryce was saying as quoted by The Sun.

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