Woman Thanks Elderly Neighbours For Picking Up Her Parcels Even When They're Too Heavy

She said they're over the age of 60, but still insist on lifting things up onto the wall.

Cover image via Asmawati Abdul Eid (Facebook) & Drazen Zigic/Freepik

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A Malaysian recently shared her gratitude for having neighbours who often help her when she is not at home, even in the smallest of ways

Facebook user Asmawati Abdul Eid wrote that she often comes home to see her delivery packages sitting on the wall between her and her neighbour's house.

"When I opened my car door, I saw that my neighbour placed my things from my runner on the wall again," she wrote last Tuesday, 14 March, thankful for the small favour.

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Image via Freepik

Asmawati explained that a nice elderly Chinese couple lives next door to her and always picks up her delivery parcels when she's not at home

"They will always pick up my stuff from the runners and place it on the wall. Whatever the runner sends, they put it up there," she said.

Sometimes, the delivery riders will also send photos of the elderly aunty next door holding her packages to ask her if she is okay with it, to which she always consents.

However, what worries her is when she orders heavy items to be sent to her doorstep.

"Imagine, sometimes I order 8kg bags of cat food, and they still lift it up and put it on the wall.

"They are over the age of 60, and taking care of their grandchildren while babysitting other kids. I've already told them to just leave the bags at the gate because the bags are so heavy, it's difficult for them," she said.

However, she said the elderly aunty always replies, "If it rains, your things may spoil. It's okay, Aunty will put it on the wall."

Feeling bad, the Selangor resident said she has gone to the pet store to buy the cat food herself so that her neighbours would not have to carry the heavy bags

"Sometimes, they also help to move my clothes when it rains, and arrange it over this wall," Asmawati wrote, adding that the rest of her neighbours' family members, including their children and in-laws, always ask her how she's doing when they see her.

She also told SAYS that they have been neighbours for about one and a half years now, and that she appreciates them even though they are of different races and faiths.

"We should respect each other, regardless of race, religion, and status," she said.

A woman in Subang also once shared about her kind neighbour who helps her pull in her laundry when it's about to rain:

We love it when Malaysians come together, regardless of background:

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