Woman Warns Others After Encountering A Public Masturbator In Alor Setar

Several netizens claim that police reports have been filed against the man. However, he is still seen out and about.

Cover image via @NrlQistina (Twitter)

A woman in Alor Setar recently caught netizens' attention after she posted a video of her encounter with a public masturbator

On 9 September, Twitter user @NrlQistina, also known as Qistina, uploaded the clip along with a caption that read, "Whoever goes to Klinik Ramli or stay near Shahab Perdana or Suka Menanti in Alor Setar, please be careful with this man. A lot of people have filed reports but after he was caught, he still kept doing it. Stay safe, guys."

The tweet has since garnered over 85,200 views and 3,100 retweets.

Qistina was lining up outside a clinic with roughly 10 other women when the man approached them.

She noticed that he was actually masturbating under his clothes and started filming him.

In the video, Qistina explained that he pretended to talk on the phone as he got closer to the group of women. After he realised that he was being filmed, he walked away.

"Shera and I were lining up in front of the clinic because it was still closed. While waiting, there was a man who was on the phone for a really long time but when he got closer, we couldn't hear a voice and he kept looking at us lining up in front of the clinic. There were about 10 women," she wrote.

"At first, I didn't notice anything and when I looked again, I saw his hand in his pocket, moving really fast near his private parts. Everyone is calm, maybe they didn't notice. I'm f*****g pissed right now. I want to call him out or scream but I'm scared and everyone's doing nothing."

In a separate video, the woman said that she alerted the doctor and the clinic employees regarding the man.

They responded to her by saying that he is often seen outside their premises.

Qistina wrote, "I reported to the doctor and the clinic employees said that he's always there, sometimes he even lines up with everyone else. He's been doing this for a while, sometimes he's in a car. After a police report is made, he comes back. I think he's the same person who has been harassing my friends at Kolej Poly-Tech MARA (KPTM)." 

Several other women have come forward, claiming that they recognise the man from their own encounters with him

Qistina shared screenshots of conversations between her and several friends who claim to know of the man and his antics.

One person claimed that he was previously put in lock-up. Meanwhile, another person said that the man would pretend to ask women for directions while masturbating in his car.

Another Twitter user alleged that she was a victim of his harassment. She said, "I encountered this man before. Made a police report and he was placed inside lock-up. But his wife called the director, crying and begging for the report to be withdrawn. Didn't expect him to do this again."

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