Someone Ironed Shuttlecock Feathers With A Hair Straightener To Get It Back In Shape

Does this work?

Cover image via @mabartepoktawa (Instagram)

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If you play badminton, the pain of dealing with shuttlecocks gone awry after enduring one too many smacks is all too relatable

Whether they've weathered multiple smashes or just require some smoothening, there's no doubt that a pristine shuttlecock makes a world of difference to gameplay. 

You might then be asking, "Why not just switch to a new one?" As you probably know, a good feathered shuttlecock does not come cheap and has a short lifespan. 

The good news is there may be a solution for this, allowing you to squeeze a few more games out of your feathered friend.

Image via Shopee

A video showing how a hair straightener can be used to iron out ruffled shuttlecock feathers has recently gone viral

Mabar Tepok Tawa, an Indonesian badminton community, shared a clip of someone demonstrating this technique.

The video shows the person clasping down on each feather with a heated hair straightener and applying a gentle pull. Miraculously, this technique seems to coax the shuttlecock back to its original shape.

Almost as good as new!

The video garnered hundreds of comments, with many people tagging their friends and several expressing that they'd just discovered this

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Badminton enthusiast and content creator CK Lew shared how you can also steam your old shuttlecocks to revive them

On his YouTube account with over 55,000 subscribers, Lew shares that you can boil some hot water, pour it into a mug, and then place your shuttle tube above the hot cup of water as the steam rises.  

Steam the shuttlecocks for about a minute with this method and then seal it back to rehydrate for two days.

From his experience, he found that if you do this, the shuttlecocks will generally last much longer than brittle, dry shuttlecocks.

Although they won't be as fast as a brand new shuttlecock, this technique will let you enjoy your old shuttlecocks for a bit longer.    

You can check out his full video below:

Try out these techniques and let us know if they work!

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