Chong Wei Would've Been A World Champion If He Trained Under Me, Says China Coach

Li Yongbo is holding nothing back.

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  • China badminton head coach Li Yongbo said Lee Chong Wei would've been a world champion if the latter had trained under him

    • The retired badminton player made the remark to China-based news site after Chen Long's win over Chong Wei in the finals last Saturday, 20 August.

  • Li praised Chong Wei's perseverance and performance throughout the games, including defeating long-time foe Lin Dan. After which, he commented that Chong Wei would've had a better career if he was on his team.

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    • "Of course, if he was on my team, he may have already become world champion," Li said.

  • Meanwhile, Chong Wei's former coach Misbun Sidek pointed out that the national badminton training system is 'outdated' as compared to the Chinese

      Image from Watan-Online Image via Watan-Online
    • He said he had proposed reforms to the national badminton training system eight years ago, but they were rejected.

      "I previously accepted Li's invitation to visit their training centre and was impressed by its size and modernity," Misbun was quoted as saying by China Press.

  • He added that for Lin Dan alone, there was a team of seven people to take care and train him

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    • Aside from training, the dedicated team took care of his physical and mental wellbeing. They also controlled his diet.

      "Malaysia lags behind in this aspect as the allocation given to coaches is not much. For Chong Wei, no specialists were assigned to help him in pointing out mistakes in his game," he was quoted as saying.

  • Do you think Chong Wei would be a better badminton player if he trained under the Chinese? Let us know in the comments below!

  • DLCW played his best during the finals and we couldn't be more proud of him!

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