Malaysian Rider Khairulamirin Yahaya Meets With Serious Accident In Spain Supermoto Event

The accident happened during the practice session in Albaida, Spain last Friday, 11 June.

Cover image via Khairul Rịn (Facebook) & Bernama

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Malaysian rider Khairulamirin Yahaya was involved in a serious accident during a practice session at the Spanish Supermoto Championship event last Friday, 11 June

According to Bernama, the 19-year-old rider suffered a broken pelvis and internal bleeding as a result of the accident which happened in Albaida, Spain.

Khairulamirin was rushed to the nearest hospital following the accident, his Supermotoland Husqvarna Junior Talent Team wrote in a statement published on Instagram.

It is reported that the rider had to go through a series of emergency procedures, including a surgery to stop the internal bleeding.

The young rider — who is commonly known as Rin among his peers in the Spanish Supermoto — is currently in stable condition following the procedures.

However, he is expected to be out of action for several months.

"Rin has received the best medical care in Spain and is now in a stable but serious condition as he awaits a further operation that is scheduled for Monday (21 June) to repair the broken Pelvis," the statement read

The injury is a massive blow to the young rider as this will cause him to miss the first round of the S4 European Supermoto Championships scheduled later this month.

Khairulamirin is in good spirits despite the injuries and is focusing on making a recovery, the statement added.

He aims to try to be physically prepared to compete in the final round of the Championships that will be held in Italy later this year.

"We all wish Rin a speedy recovery and our prayers and thoughts are with him for his operation on Monday," the statement read.

Khairulamirin had lost control of his bike and highsided following a sharp turning that has notoriously caught several riders in the past

The particularly fast and horrific crash caused the rider to become tangled with his bike which resulted in the bike landing on him, the statement explained.

Meanwhile, Khairulamirin's father confirmed in a separate statement that his family had been contacted by the Malaysian Embassy in Madrid and the Supermotoland Husqvarna Junior Talent Team manager following the accident.

He said that they were willing to provide any form of assistance and support for the rider during his recovery.

New Straits Times reported that the rider has been competing in the Spanish Supermoto for two years.

He reportedly created national motorsports history by becoming the first Malaysian to compete in the European S4 Supermoto Championship.

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