[PHOTOS] All The Insta-Worthy Moments At The Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014

Apart from a pair of running shoes, marathoners were geared up with their phones and Instagram to document their run.

1. It was the perfect time for participants to show off their awesome kicks

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2. There even was a rare sighting of Goku during the marathon

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3. Darth Vader also made a special appearance. In a sarong.

Image via @azrilshar

4. Some made the time for quick jump shots...

5. ...while some found peace amongst the chaos during race

6. The rising sun and Penang bridge arch made a beautiful scenic backdrop as the race kicked off at 1.30am

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7. Local TV personalities also joined the marathon

Aishah Sinclair with her father

Image via @aishahjennifer

Dennis Gan from 8TV

Image via @dennis8tv

8. Participants doing the ever-so-famous "thumbs up" pose

9. The runners also had some fun outside the marathon

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Image via @skyf1re_

Image via @zee_rednett

10. Many found comfort in food, post-run! Just leave all those calories for the next run, right?

11. After all their hard work, proud runners show off their medals

12. When the marathon takes everything in you but it's all worth it

Image via @aisyayaya

The Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014 was held on Sunday, 16 November 2014 with around 62,000 participants running across the Second Penang Bridge for the first time in history

This year’s event saw participation from around 62,000 runners.


Billed as the world’s longest bridge marathon, the Penang Bridge International Marathon also created history this year as it marked the first time that the Second Penang Bridge is being used since the first bridge’s inception in 1985.


The full marathon category was dominated by the Kenyan runners who swept all top three medals in the male and female categories.


The biggest winner was probably a retired factory worker from Butterworth, Ong Poh Son, 62, a seasoned campaigner, who drove home a latest Honda City car after winning the top prize in the lucky draw. "I came here riding a motorcycle but will go home driving a car," said Ong who has been participating in the run since 1988.


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