"GOALLLL" — Resident Asks Neighbour To Stop Shouting At 3AM While Watching The World Cup

"Argentina won three goals against Croatia and you screamed three times."

Cover image via @publicnoticesg (Instagram) & Matt Meissner/Insider

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The FIFA World Cup is probably one of the most unifying sports events to happen across the world every four years, aside from the Olympics.

But do all people view it through the same lens?

Though the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has officially come to a close, with Argentina taking home the crown once again, making it their third overall win in World Cup history, not every person was too excited about this football season. 

Last Thursday, 15 December, a public notice was posted to the Singaporean-based Instagram page @publicnoticesg. The post has since garnered widespread attention, after a resident from an undisclosed apartment complex, asked their neighbour to stop screaming during matches that take place in the wee hours of the morning.

The original post of the notice.

Image via @publicnoticesg (Instagram)

In the opening of the notice, the writer addresses the resident with, "To our lovely neighbour..."

The writer states that they are aware of the ongoing World Cup season and how it is coming to a close. While the note continues in a relatively polite manner, the anonymous person penned a message they hope their neighbour will abide by for the games moving forward.

"I hope we can seek your corporation to lower your voice and screaming when the match starts at 3am in the morning. Argentina won three goals against Croatia and you screamed three times," they wrote in accordance with the match played the day before the photo was posted, on 14 December.

Detailing their reasons, the writer alluded to the screams bothering their sleep, thereby affecting their own productivity the following day, as they have to go to work. Thanking them for their understanding, the writer ends the message with a tidbit of support for their neighbour.

"Hope Argentina will win the World Cup."

Star players from the Argentina team for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Lionel Messi (left) and Julián Álvarez (right).

Image via Martin Meissner/Insider

A fair share of people were not too crazy about the notice, siding with the fact that the FIFA World Cup is a quadrennial event

One commenter typed out 'GOAL' in capital letters, seemingly kidding with the poster by screaming the world aloud.

A few others even mentioned how the final match took place at 11pm, thereby not disrupting their sleep. "Anyways, it is now at 11pm, so you can cheer too!" wrote one user.

Another user was a big supporter of the man who was screaming during the matches, stating why needing to let out a scream during the game is so important. "Your feelings should be expressed in real time, the goal should be called out in real time — it would be very hurtful to suppress it!"

All in all, Argentina's solid performance throughout the FIFA World Cup 2022 to snatch their third win for the finals is a likely indicator that there were plenty of scream to go around, despite the public notice.

Congratulations, Argentina!

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