237 Singaporeans Fall Victim To Fake WhatsApp Page Scam

Best to be cautious with your messaging apps.

Cover image via Anton/Pexels & BERNAMAPIX/The Sun

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Scams are becoming more rampant, with each scam targeting more and more victims every day

Since early November, 237 Singaporeans have fallen victim to a phishing scam involving fake WhatsApp Web pages. The Singaporean police on Monday, 12 November, said the victims suffered financial losses totalling SG$606,000.

Unsuspecting victims were lured into clicking unverified links, leaving them vulnerable to scammers

The scammers typically begin by impersonating the victim and reaching out to individuals listed as family or friends on the victim's contact list, requesting loans.

Scammers usually claim they are in urgent need of money to assist a friend or family member facing financial difficulties.

For example, scammers may falsely assert they need funds for medical emergencies, citing that their bank accounts were restricted due to exceeding transfer limits.

Some scammers may also ask for a screenshot of the transfer to request more money in the future

Victims were subsequently instructed to transfer money to an unfamiliar bank account or a PayNow number, purportedly belonging to the original account user.

Here's how you can protect yourself from these types of scams:

1. Don't click on suspicious links

Make sure to verify each and every link that was sent to you. If you cannot verify the link, a quick Google Search may help you.

2. If your family members are asking for money, give them a call to verify

As pointed out previously, scammers will attempt to impersonate friends and family. Therefore, a short call with your friend or family member may save your bank account. 

3. Change your passwords if you suspect that your accounts are compromised.

NordPass has identified the most commonly used passwords in Malaysia. If your password is on the list, it's worth spending some time to change it.

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