Indonesian Man Fatally Stabs Friend For Kicking Him Out Of A WhatsApp Group

Making a mountain out of a molehill.

Cover image via Anton/Pexels & cottonbro studio/Pexels

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Sometimes, one simple action can profoundly alter the course of someone's life

Who would've thought that the simple action of kicking someone from a WhatsApp group could have deadly consequences?

That is exactly what happened recently in Indonesia, where a person was stabbed to death simply because he removed his friend from a WhatsApp group.

According to local police, the 29-year-old victim, Adrian, was found dead with stab wounds last Sunday, 5 October

Citing a police report filed in Bandung, West Java, Indonesian news portal Tribun Jabar reported that the victim was discovered with stab wounds that had pierced his heart.

The alleged perpetrator, a 36-year-old individual named Toto Toyiban, from Bandung, was reported to have posted a comment within a WhatsApp group linked to a motorcycle group called XTC Beer 188. This comment allegedly offended his fellow group member, Adrian, who also happened to be the group admin.

Adrian then proceeded to remove Toyiban from the WhatsApp group. Outraged, Toyiban decided to confront him.

What began as a verbal argument took a tragic turn when they began to fight

During the scuffle, Toyiban drew a knife he had brought along and stabbed Adrian multiple times, resulting in Adrian's death.

Several hours later on the same day, the police found Adrian's body bearing stab wounds, said Bandung Police Chief Commissioner Pol. Kusworo Wibowo during a press conference held on 7 October.

Wibowo said police managed to locate and arrest the suspect at 11pm Western Indonesian Time the same day. 

Wibowo revealed that the victim suffered stab wounds to his arm, hand, and left chest

The suspect has been charged with murder, which carries a 15-year prison sentence if convicted.

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