WhatsApp Is Working On A 'Self-Destruct' Feature That Lets You Set When A Group Will End

The feature will be called 'Expiring Groups'.

Cover image via WA Beta Info & Mourizal Zativa/Unsplash

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If you're someone who always makes short-term WhatsApp groups for events like birthday parties and gatherings, this upcoming feature could be very beneficial for you

Named 'Expiring Groups', WA Beta Info reported that when the feature is released, users will be able to set various expiration dates for their groups, ranging from one day, one week, or a custom date.  

Image via WA Beta Info

WhatsApp believes this feature will act as a functional tool to save space in the app

It will also help solve the common issue of certain groups becoming cluttered and irrelevant over time

As of now, there is no fixed timeline for when this feature will be released, as it is still under development.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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