AI Imagines What Malaysians' Dreams Would Look Like If They Came True

Curious to find out what Malaysians dream about?

Cover image via Coway

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Have you ever wondered what it would look like if your dreams came to life?

A local dream project recently asked Malaysians to share their dreams, and used artificial intelligence (AI) to bring these dreams to life!

Image via Coway

But what's even cooler is that these dreams from Malaysians were recreated and displayed on digital billboards all across the country — in a way, you could say these Malaysians' dreams came to life on the big screen!

Image via Coway
Image via Coway

From fairy-tale dreams to whimsical fantasies, here's a closer look at what Malaysians actually dream about:

1. "I dreamt of a girl flying on a bed into a jungle with dinosaurs and birds"

Image via Coway

"There were magical waterfalls that sparkled and opened up when she flew through them, as well as colourful flowers and trees, with pink fairies and purple fairy dust.

"No words could describe the beautiful scenery — it was mesmerising and the best spot for healing. Out of a sudden, she woke up smiling."

- Aqilah

2. "I dreamt that I was a cat at the food stall"

Image via Coway

"It was raining heavily, and I wanted to sleep, but there was no place for me to sleep. At that moment, a couple showed up and took me to their home. They cared for me and gave me a place to sleep. The dream ended with me sleeping with my newfound family on a Coway mattress."

- Mohd Ekmal Hakimi Bin Nazri

3. "I often dream of flying through a huge field of flowers"

Image via Coway

"There are many flowers that I know of, but many more that I've never seen. I'm flying like a bug and landing on the flowers. There are others I can see and hear around me, but I never talk to them or hear any words."

- Amala

4. "Even though I knew it was a dream, the emotions I felt were incredibly real, and I woke up with a feeling of enchantment that stayed with me long after I opened my eyes"

Image via Coway

"In my dream, I walked into a magical forest with tall trees and a misty atmosphere. The ground was covered in soft moss, and glowing creatures floated around. I found a clearing with a sparkling stream.

"Following the stream, I walked through a waterfall and ended up on floating islands in the sky. Talking animals like a rabbit, squirrel, and tortoise joined me. We explored the islands, and solved puzzles. I felt amazed and connected to this fantasy world."

- Nelson Tse

5. "I dreamt of getting a new home and car"

Image via Coway

"I dreamed of getting a big, new home that looked beautiful. It was fully furnished, and everything was in a pretty blue hue. I even got a brand new car, in blue too!"

- Siti Zabedah binti Abidin

Intrigued by these dreams? Turns out this was an experiment by Coway, with the goal of helping Malaysians improve their sleep quality.

Called 'Rest with Coway', the campaign is a nationwide dream collective that studies the rest and sleep quality of Malaysians, while also giving us a sneak peek into the dreams of fellow Malaysians.

The nationwide survey shed light on the sleeping pattern of Malaysians, which included how well they slept and whether their sleeping conditions affected their sleep quality.

First of all, the survey found that of those who woke up feeling well rested, 74% of them practised an active lifestyle

The survey also found that 63% of Malaysians who fall asleep fast and sleep through the night usually go to bed with the air conditioner on.

Effendy Nadzri, an interior designer, believes the ideal sleeping environment is a dark, quiet, cool, and comfortable room.

"Keep your room cool at night. The ideal temperature in the bedroom should be between 20°C to 23°C, and running the air conditioner at night signals to your body that it is time for sleep. Setting the perfect ambience is also crucial for a restful sleep. Dimmable or mood lighting can help enhance the bedroom space and create the desired mood for a restful evening before you retire to sleep."

When it comes to sleep deprivation (not enough sleep hours), 45% of respondents said that it disturbs their sleep quality, highlighting the importance of getting enough hours of rest.

Dr Nurul Yaqeen, a consultant respiratory, sleep, and internal medicine physician advises Malaysians to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends.

"This will train our biological clock to be more consistent, hence it’ll be easier to achieve a good and restful sleep. When you were a child and your mother read you a story and tucked you into bed every night, this comforting ritual helped lull you to sleep. Even in adulthood, a set of bedtime rituals can have a similar effect."

Clinical psychologist Michelle Chong added that restfulness is more than the absence of activity, it is the deliberate act of nurturing ourselves — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

"It is characterised by a feeling of peacefulness and contentment, often accompanied by a sense of relief from stress, worries, tension, or fatigue. Physically, restfulness might involve lying down comfortably, slowing down your movements, and allowing your body to recover from the day-to-day physical exertion or stress.

"Mentally, restfulness means quieting the mind, letting go of worries, and embracing a sense of mental stillness. It is a state where your thoughts are not racing, and you are able to experience a sense of inner peace."

According to dietitian Celeste Lau, those who experience insomnia or severe sleeping problems can try Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, melatonin, valerian, yoga, and mind body practices to help with their sleeping problems, which will help them fall asleep faster or stay asleep for longer hours.

Diet also plays a role. Celeste said that consuming food rich in tryptophan like milk, eggs, poultry, and shrimp, can potentially help you sleep better. Tryptophan transforms into 5-hydroxytryptophan, and plays a role in producing serotonin and melatonin, which are essential in regulating your body's sleep-wake cycle. In addition, it's recommended to avoid caffeine, high-fat foods, and heavy spices before sleep.

Ultimately, Coway wants to help all Malaysians sleep better with its restful solutions.

You can now discover the secret to serene slumber and uninterrupted rest with Coway's range of thoughtfully designed products:

Image via Coway

Coway Air Conditioner
Sleep better with the air conditioner on? The Coway Air Conditioner comes with a five-step filtration system with silver ion and HEPA filters for a thorough purifying process, allowing you to rest in comfort.

Thanks to its low energy consumption, you can enjoy sleeping at cool temperatures every night without being bogged down by expensive electricity bills.

Image via Coway

Coway Massage Chair
If you want to unwind after a long day, the Coway Massage Chair provides top-to-toe relief to rejuvenate your body, improve blood circulation, and help you sleep better.

It comes with seven Auto Massage Programmes readily customised for all your needs – from stretchy relief after a long day at the desk, to deep relief of muscle aches, to a lasting energy boost, and more.

Image via Coway

Coway Prime Series Mattress
Last but not least, Coway's Prime Series mattresses provide superior support for a good night's sleep, every night.

You can enjoy uninterrupted sleep and experience the perfect blend of comfort, support, and hygiene with Coway's Prime Series mattresses, offering a range of premium and economical options to suit your sleep needs. One of the features is its topper with anti-static weave, which helps to diffuse static, relieve tension, and helps you fall asleep faster.

What's more, when you purchase any of these Coway products, you’ll even stand a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience where your dreams may just come true!

There will be amazing prizes up for grabs, including RM10,000 cash prizes, exclusive holiday trips, as well as a full dream experience, whereby Coway will work their magic to bring your dream to life.

Find out about the contest and how to win on this website.

Ready to sleep better with Coway? Learn more about the 'Rest with Coway' campaign and the brand's products on this website.

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