Sick Of Breathing In Polluted Air? Here's How You Can Improve The Air Quality At Home

Clean air makes all the difference.

Cover image via Blueair Malaysia (Facebook) & Minh Pham/Unsplash

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Polluted air is more widespread around us than you think

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 99% of the global population breathes air that exceeds WHO air quality limits, and this could potentially threaten the health of their lungs. In fact, nine out of ten people breathe in polluted air. :O

Although you may not have much control over the air outdoors, there are a few things you can do to improve the air quality in your home, such as:

- Using cooking vents to help filter out harmful contaminants from gas stoves
- Avoiding using gasoline or diesel-powered equipment when gardening 
- Changing your aircond filter regularly 
- Keeping rugs and carpets clean so they don't trap dust particles in their fibres 
- Sprucing up your home with indoor plants

And that's not all!

Investing in a good air purifier can make all the difference in your air quality at home too

When we breathe in polluted air, we attract various pollutants into our lungs, engulfing it with contaminants that could possibly harm it.

However, when you use an air filter the layers of dust and pollutants will stick to the filters instead, effectively removing pollutants in the air as we breathe, per the image above.

And if you're looking for a brand of air purifier that can deal with these air pollutants effectively, look no further than Blueair!

Since its establishment in 1995, Blueair has been coming up with air purifying solutions to help people breathe better and lead healthier lives

Throughout the years, their air purifiers have been refined through technology. This is well reflected in their new products, the HealthProtect™ and DustMagnet™ air purifier series.

One of the key standards for measuring an air purifier's efficacy is through Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). The CADR indicates how effectively the air purifier is able to deliver clean air by filtering the contaminated air. The higher the CADR number of the air purifier, the faster the unit cleans the air for you.

And Blueair's air purifiers boast one of the highest clean air delivery rates (CADR) based on testing done through the Association Of Home Appliance Manufacturers' (AHAM) Verified Certification Programme. 

Furthermore, Blueair's air purifiers are dubbed 'the world's number one standard' based on performance evaluations for CADR (Tobacco Smoke), ENERGY STAR rating, and safe ozone emissions in AHAM's Directory of Certified Portable Electric Room Air Cleaners as of July 2019.

Part of what sets the HealthProtect and DustMagnet apart is their implementation of dual filtration technology

The dual filtration method is initiated by combining traditional mechanical filtration with electrostatic charging of particles conducted in a four-step sequence, which are:

1. The fan from the air purifier sucks in polluted air once turned on
2. Airborne particles receive an electrostatic charge
3. Charged particles stick to the filter
4. A volume of clean air is blasted into the room

According to a 90-minute removal testing of particulate matter (PM) 2.5 and germs that was conducted in a small room, up to 99.97% of airborne particles, from viruses and bacteria to dust and pollen, were removed through this filtration method.

This filtration method is further enhanced through the HEPASilent Ultra Technology that delivers optimal performance with minimum noise

The HEPASilent Ultra Technology also gives out an array of benefits on both technical and consumer fronts.

For example, it presents a less dense filter media which leads to lower air pressure through the filter and a higher airflow. As a result, consumers will hear lower noise levels coming from the air purifiers as well as less energy consumption.

Exclusive to the HealthProtect series are the SpiralAir and GermShield features

The SpiralAir outlets are uniquely engineered to deliver 360˚, omni-directional airflow quickly to circulate cleaner air to every corner of the room faster and more efficiently.

On the other hand, GermShield is a feature that provides 24/7 protection against viruses and bacteria that turns on by default when it is set on standby mode, as reported by tests conducted by Blueair on different types of bacteria.

It also proactively monitors your room, killing viruses and bacteria on the filters using lower air draft and plasma charging.

Alternatively, the DustMagnet air purifiers have a specific DustMagnet technology imbued in them

Blueair's patented DustMagnet technology attracts airborne and dust particles before they settle on floors and surfaces through a combination of a unique airflow and charged pre-filters. This conveniences home owners as it means that they can spend less time vacuuming and dusting their homes.

Another great benefit of the DustMagnet series is its sleek design that showcases a top surface that can double as a side table, effortlessly blending into your home like an aesthetic piece of furniture.

You can also opt for a separate air quality monitor to determine the quality before and after using the air purifiers

An air quality monitor can detect and measure dangerous gases, chemicals, and particulates in your home. Although this is optional, using an air quality monitor can give you a better measure of how different your air quality is before and after use an air purifier. 

After operating Blueair's air purifiers, the readings of PM2.5 showed low figures, as depicted in the video below:

You can explore and learn more about Blueair's HealthProtect and DustMagnet air purifiers by going through their official website, Facebook, and Instagram page

What's more, you can even purchase these products from their distributor, Visionary Solutions' main website.

Additionally, they also have an end-of-year promotion of up to 10% off for their HealthProtect and DustMagnet series!

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