Apple May Be Working On An Enhanced 'Ultra' iPhone Variant In 2024

The 'ultra' version would be a step above the iPhone Pro and Pro Max.

Cover image via Retail News Asia & VOCKET/pocket-lint

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Apple is planning to introduce an iPhone model that's even more high end compared to the current Pro and Pro Max variants

According to long-term Apple and tech reporter Mark Gurnman from Bloomberg, there is speculation that the company will launch for a new top-end model, the 'Ultra'. However, this may only come as early as 2024, alongside the iPhone 16 variants.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated that he believes people are willing to to "really stretch to get the best they can afford in that category." He notes that consumers now use the device to make payments, control smart-home appliances, manage their health, and store banking data.

Currently, this is how Apple is pricing their iPhone models:

- iPhone 14 - From RM4,199
- iPhone 14 Plus - From RM4,699
- iPhone 14 Pro - From RM5,299
- iPhone 14 Pro Max - From RM5,799

At least for 2023, users can still look forward to the standard lineup of the iPhone 15

Expected to launch later this year, the iPhone 15 will feature different tiers of materials, processors, and cameras, depending on the model. For instance, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a periscope lens, which will offer enhanced optical zoom.

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