Apple Offers Battery Replacements At RM129 After Admitting To Slowing Down Older iPhones

Apple wants to make it up to you.

  • Machines and Switch have started offering battery replacements at RM129 for selected iPhones

    • Two local Apple Premium Resellers have begun replacing batteries of selected iPhones. This announcement comes after a reveal that suggests Apple had been intentionally slowing down the performance of some of its smartphones.

  • Priced at RM129 (inclusive of GST and labour charges) as promised by Apple, the programme covers the iPhone SE, iPhone 6, and subsequent models

    • You will have to drop by any Machines or Switch service centres to have your phone's battery changed. According to Switch, the replacement takes about 5-7 working days.

  • The replacement programme is subjected to eligibility based on the physical of your iPhone

    • For example, if your device has a cracked screen, it would complicate the process and that has to be resolved first before they can proceed with a battery replacement.

      You can contact Machines and Switch for more information.

  • TUESDAY, 2 JANUARY: Apple ended 2017 with a predicament in their hands - it was revealed that the tech giant had intentionally slowed down the performance of selected iPhone models

    • The info spread like wildfire on social media, with many tech news sites covering it. After public outcry and multiple lawsuits with one as high as USD999 billion, Apple has finally responded with a few solutions - by offering battery replacements at discounted prices for affected iPhones and an iOS update due later this month.

      The Fortune 500 company apologised in a statement that it had let their customers down and emphasised that it would never slow down any Apple products to drive customers to upgrade.

  • The battery replacement program has been extended to users in Malaysia

    • Apple noted on its support page that the program has slashed the battery cost from RM369 to RM129 - that's savings of RM240.

      "Apple is reducing the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement by RM240 - from RM369 to RM129 - for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced, available worldwide through December 2018," it said.

  • The actual battery process has not been shared yet, but it would likely be carried out by authorised retailers

    • Back in 2015, Apple offered free battery replacement for the iPhone 5 through local authorised dealers.

  • Issues involving faulty batteries have become a regular subject of discussion in the tech world

    • Apple is not the only one struggling to keep lithium-ion cells running optimally. It was recently revealed that Samsung has been hit by another battery issue.

      Galaxy Note 8 owners have reported that they are unable to charge or turn on their handsets after the batteries ran dry.

      "Samsung is taking all reports of this kind seriously, we only received a very small number of customer inquiries that could be linked to charge management, and unfortunately we can only comment on the matter further," Samsung said, according to a report by German-language site PCWelt.

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