You Can Now Buy NFTs Inspired By Your State At These Vending Machines In REXKL

They only cost RM59 each, and you could even win a Nintendo Switch!

Cover image via Twitter (@M1nted Asia) & MELYSSA K / ATLAS

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In honour of Malaysia Day, ATLAS launched the country's first ever NFT vending machines, featuring 13 local artists from each state and 3,900 unique NFTs

ATLAS is a leading vending machine solutions provider, and they wanted to take the opportunity to showcase NFTs that incorporate local art and culture

From now until 16 December 2022, you'll find 13 NFT vending machines placed across REXKL, each representing a Malaysian state and an artist hailing from that state.

From cute pixel art to intricately designed artworks, these designs were made by talented local artists who take pride in their home state, and provide a breath of fresh air in their visual pieces

Just look at these breathtaking designs!

Made by DR.ROBO7 from Johor.

Image via DR.ROBO7 / ATLAS

Made by AKUNAPIE from Perlis.


Made from MELLYSA K from Terengganu.


The NFTs can only be purchased through cashless payments and will cost RM59 a piece

Those who purchase these NFTs also have a chance to win rewards ranging from a pool of 59 prizes that will be distributed randomly.

The prizes include 13 Nintendo Switch consoles and 46 small ticket prizes of limited-edition merchandise.

ATLAS ancillary and senior sales manager, Kalithasan Sothinathan, said that they aim to uplift Malaysian artists by making their art more accessible and give them the distinction they deserve

According to The Star, Kalithasan also noted that NFTs have surged in popularity over the years,  so bringing in these 13 local artists was a win-win situation as it allowed them to introduce their work and draw Malaysians' attention towards NFT.

If you're interested in seeing these NFT vending machines and purchasing an artwork, you can head over to REXKL

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