From More Data To Higher Speed, Here's How You Can Get Cool Personalised Deals From Celcom

Make sure to look out for the special daily deals too!

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Isn't it awesome being able to personalise and customise things according to our specific preferences?

From making super specific food and drink orders at the mamak (Maggi goreng tak nak sayur dan teh tarik kurang manis!) to decorating our work desks with all our favourite stuff, it's just extra puas when we get to enjoy things exactly the way we like them. :)

So, why should it be any different when it comes to deals and rewards?

Available via the Celcom Life app, just4ME is a rewards program that lets you treat yourself to personalised deals for the things you love!

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We all loveeee getting a good deal, but sometimes it can be for things that you don't really want or need. That's why Celcom wants to make sure that you get deals you'll actually use, for all your favourite things.

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Want more data? Or perhaps you'd prefer higher speed instead? Maybe you want something else? The choice is yours! With just4ME, you can choose and buy the best deals according to your lifestyle.

And the more you use the Celcom Life app, the better deals you will receive, yaaaas!

Besides that, make sure to look out for the special daily deals too 'cause you definitely won't wanna miss out on them. There'll be five new refreshed deals for you to enjoy every day.

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Thanks to just4ME*, personalised deals are now just a tap away. Download the Celcom Life app now to start checking out all the different rewards!

*Currently only available for prepaid users.

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