This Water Purifier Is A Space-Saver And Will Make Your Kitchen Look Oh So Minimalist

It's pretty and functional. <3

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Coway Malaysia recently launched their all-new KECIL water purifier that's a perfect space-saver for small homes

Nowadays, we're all looking for ways to save space at home and make our houses look minimalist. That's why the Coway KECIL water purifier was designed to be compact and aesthetic, while fitting perfectly into any kitchen area - allowing you and your family to enjoy clean purified water throughout the day.

Thanks to its thoughtful features, Coway KECIL not only saves space, but also allows you to enjoy hot and cold water instantly with only one finger touch

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Unlike common water purifiers, which have large water storage tanks, Coway KECIL uses a Nanotrop direct filtration technology that lets you enjoy purified ambient, hot, and cold water instantly. It also comes with a small 1.35-litre tank to store your cold water. This allows Coway KECIL to have a slim design of just 7-inches wide.

The best part is that you'll no longer need another water purifier for ambient water, a kettle for hot water, and extra room in your fridge for cold water - Coway KECIL will help you do all that while saving space.

What's really convenient about Coway KECIL is that you can choose between five temperatures and four volume settings

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You can choose between ambient water, cold water, or one of these settings:
- Coffee: 80°C - 85°C
- Tea: 65°C - 75°C
- Baby Milk: 40°C - 50°C

Besides, you can also choose the volume of water you want to dispense: 250ml, 500ml, 1,000ml, or continuously. The cool thing is that once you've chosen your settings, with just one simple touch, the water will be dispensed accordingly. It's super helpful if you're busy rushing in the morning, just tap the button, go and prepare breakfast, and come back to a perfectly filled bottle. ;)

It also comes with versatile, adjustable features

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Coway KECIL comes with an adjustable tray that allows you to accommodate jugs, bottles, and pots of different sizes. You can also install an additional changeable faucet if you want to avoid splashing when dispensing hot water. For parents, you won't have to worry because Coway KECIL has a child safety lock that will keep young children safe from accidental hot water burns.

Last but not least, it's so aesthetically pleasing <3 Just imagine placing it on your counter top or in your kitchen

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The all-new Coway KECIL comes in a unique Sago Beige finishing. More than just a functional kitchen item, this water purifier acts as a sleek decor that will give your home a clean, contemporary, and premium look.

You can now get the Coway KECIL from as low as RM99 a month or at the full price of RM3,590

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For an affordable RM99 a month, you'll get to rent an all-new Coway KECIL with five years of free servicing. However, if you want to buy the water purifier, you can purchase it for RM3,590, which also comes with one year free servicing.

Find out more about Coway's water purifiers and other home products on their website today

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