Put Your Phone Between Your Boobs And This New App Will Measure Your Bra Size

It's a 3-step process and it's ridiculously simple.

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While we human beings are all weird to an extent, the Japs are slightly weirder when it comes to doing technological innovation.

For example, last year in December, in a bizarre ad Japanese telco DoCoMo made two Japanese women, wearing heavy-duty goggles, test its LTE speed with deep fried shrimp.

Why? Well, to prove that DoCoMo's LTE speed is the fastest.

Prior to that, a Japanese lingerie manufacturer released the "world's first scientifically engineered" bra claiming that it has the potential to change "hook-ups" and put an end to the "walk of shame"

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Now, as being reported by several media outlets, the Japs are supposedly developing an app to "help women measure their bust sizes easily and accurately" with hopes to launch in January 2016

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The app's developers say four out of five women around the world either do not know their cup size or get it wrong when buying bras.

Called ChiChi, breasts in English, the site says the app is for women who have neither the time nor money to visit a pro lingerie-fitter.

So how does this app work?

Image via ChiChi

It's a 3-step process, as seen on ChiChi's website, and it's ridiculously simple:

1. Take your sumaho (short for sumatohounu, "smartphone" in Japanese)
2. Sandwich it in between your breasts, and
3. Get your cup size

Just like that?

Well, if we are to take the website's claim seriously, then yeah.

ChiChi's website says their app is still in the beta test phase, with the site looking to recruit women to road-test the app and fine tune it with the help of volunteers.

But women who apply have to give their cup size up-front to take part in the testing and asks women who are E cup size and above in particular to volunteer as they want women who are 'confident in the chest.'

But how will the app actually measure the bust sizes of women?

According to Daily Mail, a camera and sensor in the app can do the measurements. Whereas, popular Japanese blog Gigazine suggests that the "technology" could work through weight, with certain weights correlating to certain cup sizes.

On the other hand, a Japanese web engineer website has an entire breakdown, comparing an A cup to the weight of two eggs, a B cup to the weight of a kitten and an H cup to the weight of a "human baby."

However, an app like this one, should it even exist, probably won't solve the problem.

Meanwhile, take our poll about the app to let us know your views:

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