Celebrate Hari Raya In A Spotless, Tidy Home Thanks To These Cleaning Products From Corvan

Get your home ready for open houses!

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Ramadan is just around the corner, and Hari Raya is not far behind!

And what that means is that we'll have lots of festivities, gatherings, and open houses to look forward to, yasss! But that also means we need to get our homes visitor-ready. :O

Fortunately, Corvan has a range of vacuum cleaners and appliances that will keep your house spotless for Hari Raya this year.

And you'll have fun cleaning with them too!

Boasting an array of cleaning products in their lineup, Corvan has a little something for everyone.

Tired of straining your muscles and joints while cleaning your bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas? The Corvan Power Scrub P8 is the solution for you!

The Corvan cordless power scrub P8 is unparalleled with its SuperTorque high torque motor and the two-speed auto gearbox that self-adjusts its speed and spinning force to clean various types of stubborn stains. 

It is equipped with six cleaning tools that make it versatile for cleaning various surfaces including tiles, sinks, bathtubs, windows, floors, cars (waxing and polishing), and more.

The motor head can tilt up to 70-degrees and packs an extendable handle that reaches up to 128cm for excellent flexibility and better reach.

Looking for a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for homes with pets and long hair? Look no further than the new Corvan K9 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner.

With a weight of just 1.45kg, it's easy to carry around, and the powerful 175AW suction makes quick work of debris and dust particles of all sizes. Plus, with four suction modes, including Auto, Normal, Medium, and Turbo, you can easily adjust the suction power to fit your cleaning needs. It also features an infrared dirt sensor that detects the amount of dirt and dust in the area being cleaned and adjusts the suction power accordingly.

The Corvan K9 Pro has a runtime of up to 55 minutes, which is impressive for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

It also requires minimal maintenance thanks to its UltraCyclone 2-stage 8-core Multi-Cyclone system that separates dust and debris from the air, preventing clogging, and maintaining suction power. Additionally, with the added Anti-Tangle Brush, you can say goodbye to hair getting stuck in the brush.

If you wanna save time by vacuuming and mopping at the same time, you can opt for the 2-in-1 Cordless Mop and Vacuum K18 or the K18 Pro

With its super powerful 201AW suction, the 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum and Mop K18 gives you the ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously, saving time and energy. Weighing 1.5kg, it's also super lightweight and easy to carry around the house.

Plus, it comes with an independent auto-charging dock that eliminates the need for wall drilling. The advanced Corvan Ultra-Cyclone Dirt Separation System ensures fade-free suction. Corvan K18 also features a 6-stage HEPA anti-allergen filtration and a 6-beam hi-power LED headlight, ensuring you never miss a spot, even in the darkest of corners.

Revolutionise your cleaning game with Corvan Spot Cleaner S6 β€”The ultimate solution for tough stains on fabrics and deep-clean carpets!

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The Corvan Spot Cleaner C6 is a portable upholstery and carpet cleaner.

With its strong penetrative suction power and deep stain extraction head, it's perfect for cleaning everything from mattresses and sofas to car seats, baby strollers, pet beds, and carpets.

Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, it's easy to use and maneuver, even in tight spaces like car interiors. Plus, the quick-dry TurboDry system, IPX4 water-resistant body, and low noise make cleaning a breeze, with water recovery rates of up to 90%. Say goodbye to manual blotting and hello to spotless surfaces, 10 times faster with Corvan Spot Cleaner S6.

*The test results are based on cleaning a low pile rug made of synthetic fibre, as compared to traditional manual blotting method.

Not sure how it works? Check out this demo video below:

Get a head start on your Hari Raya spring cleaning by getting these handy home appliances now!

You can check them out on Corvan's official website, Shopee, or Lazada.

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