I Tried Out This Cute Little Robot Vacuum That Can Clean Your Floors While You Rest

Powered by AI — it can vacuum, mop, and empty its litter and dust into a bag all on its own.

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Imagine this, you've come home after an exhausting day at work. Upon returning, you enter a house that is littered with dust and dirt.

You're too tired to scold your family for not tidying up the house in the first place, nor do you have enough energy to clean the house all by yourself.

So you take out your phone and open your ECOVACSHOME app, initiating your trusty AI-powered robot to do the job that you're too exhausted to do.

That's right, with the ECOVACS Deebot T10 — you can sit back, lie down, and still get things done at the push of a command.

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As someone who's never used an AI-powered vacuum before, I was pretty excited when ECOVACS sent over their all-new Deebot T10 for us to try out

Right off the bat, the Deebot T10 features:

AIVI 3.0 (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation)
ECOVACS' premier artificial intelligence technology. AIVI enables its smart appliances to learn and automate its daily cleaning tasks. 

An AI Voice Assistant called YIKO 
ECOVACS' voice-prompted AI that initiates tasks based on a series of commands. 

OZMO Pro 3.0

An oscillating mopping system designed for deep cleaning on hard surfaces. 

TrueMapping 2.0 and 3D Map 
TrueMapping allows the Deebot T10 to analyse a room that it's cleaning for the first time and present it in the ECOVACSHOME app, so you can get a virtual representation and 3D map of the room or space.

Air Freshener
The Deebot T10 comes equipped with an air freshener that you can insert into the vacuum to have your room smelling fresh! 

5200mAH Battery Capacity
The 5200mAH battery provides the Deebot T10 with enough juice to clean over an exceptional runtime of 260 minutes. 

3000Pa Suction Power
A stable suction power of 3000Pa allows the Deebot T10 to reliably clean on hard and thick surfaces as well. 

As you open the box, you'll be greeted with various cool gadgets and accessories

Image via SAYS

The Deebot T10 comes with the vacuum robot, the standard Deebot charging dock, a washable mopping pad, disposable mopping pads, side brushes, rubber plugs, a user manual, a multi-functional cleaning tool, an air freshener capsule, and OZMO 3.0 Oscillating Mopping System.

But if you wanna be more atas, you can also opt for the Auto Empty Station (sold separately), as pictured on the right, which allows your Deebot to self-empty the dust collected into a dust bag. Or even bundle it together as a Deebot T10+ package. 

Here are the prices as provided by ECOVACS' official store on Lazada

Deebot T10

Deebot T10+ (bundled together with the Auto Empty Station)


Standalone Auto Empty Station


One cause for praise for the Deebot T10 is definitely in its artificial intelligence (AI)

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Based on my use of the Deebot T10, I found that one of its most stellar feature is in its AI.

It goes without saying that ECOVACS is committed to elevating traditional home cleaning to more automated home care, but upon using the device myself — I realised how serious they are in making sure this happens.

Its refined AIVI capability allows the vacuum to seamlessly and precisely identify common obstacles on the floor to avoid bumping into them. More than that, it is also able to recognise and differentiate between humans, pets, and objects.

People with pets don't need to worry about the device accidentally knocking over the little furballs you have at home, but you may need to make sure whether they're okay with the vacuum themselves. ;P

It's also attached with a small camera that allows for a live video function, so you can see the surroundings of your house and your pets through the dedicated app. 

The smart vacuum is paired together with a dedicated app that comes with a whole lot of features I didn't expect

The first time you set it up, you'll need to download the ECOVACSHOME app.

There's a step-by-step installation guide while you're pairing up the app — and you'll find a tonne of cool features and things you can do with the vacuum through it. 

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For starters, you'll be able to initiate the Deebot T10's smart vacuum seamlessly with just the push of the play button. There's also voice commands prompted by saying "Okay YIKO" that builds upon the accessibility of the smart device.

The voice command allows you to control the vacuum through a lot of actions. From vacuuming to pausing, to returning to charge and more! 

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You will also be able to access the mapping feature through the app. The mapping feature showcases the room that the Deebot T10 has scoured through while cleaning it for the first time, and makes it easier for the vacuum to avoid obstacles within the room. 

So, the smart vacuum will be familiarised with the landscapes of the room and efficiently clean the surfaces of the room with ease. 

As for the cleaning itself...

After testing out both the vacuum and mopping features of the Deebot T10, I'm happy to report that I am pleasantly content with the results. 

After a single usage of the Deebot T10, I managed to see the capabilities of the smart vacuum. 

Its smart AI integration is reliable in detecting and avoiding obstacles, while its four-stage deep cleaning system brings in optimal cleaning in one process. 

What this means is, the Deebot T10 sweeps, rolls, suctions, and wipes in one single process.

The process is also bolstered by the components included in the smart vacuum, which includes the detachable dual side brushes, floating main brush, a 3000pa suction power, and the detachable OZMO Pro 3.0 Mopping System (for mopping). 

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From a relatively short 15-minute cleaning spree, the Deebot T10 accumulated a decent amount of dust and dirt, leaving my floors feeling smooth

Image via SAYS

It cleaned out the room while mapping it out too!

Within the app, you can also adjust your cleaning based on vacuum powers and water flow levels

Image via SAYS

Once you're done using the smart vacuum, you can send it back to charge at the charging dock or Auto Empty Station by the push of a command prompt on the app

Just click on 'recharge' or 'send back to station' on the app! 

If you opt for the optional Auto Empty Station, you can automatically suck out the dust from the Deebot T10 into the dust bag connected to the self-emptying docking station

Image via SAYS

You can even set the Deebot T10 to auto empty the litter and dust it has accumulated into the dust bag. The app will remind you once the dust bag is full and when you need to replace it.

However, If you decide to purchase it without the Auto Empty Station, you can easily remove the dust compartment and pour it out manually.

The standard Deebot charging dock (left) and the Auto Empty Station (right).

Image via SAYS

Generally, my overall experience with the Deebot T10 was pleasant, but there are some key takeaways

1. It can be difficult to navigate and set up at first.
Keep in mind that it does require a thorough read of the instruction manual included in the box when you purchase the device. In addition to that, you may need a level of digital savviness to operate the app and the robot. However, it does get better after a bit of getting used to.

Or, you can look into this helpful video guide of how to set up and use the vacuum by ECOVACS.

2. It is pricey.
As a premium robotics product from ECOVACS, the Deebot T10 is quite pricey. However, with the features and quality that it comes with, we would say it's justified. Here's a recap of the prices: 

Deebot T10

Deebot T10+ (bundled together with the Auto Empty Station)


Standalone Auto Empty Station


From someone who's never used a smart vacuum before, I'm happy to report that this was a very good first impression towards the technology. And if you want a convenient way to automate your cleaning, the Deebot T10 is definitely the way to go.

Wanna try out this adorable AI-powered robot appliance? Get the vacuum from ECOVACS' official flagship store on Lazada!

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