This Fun Mobile Game Features Iconic Malaysian Landscapes And Teaches Financial Literacy

With Komuniti Kita, financial management is easy for everyone to understand.

Cover image via Komuniti Kita (Google Play)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by FWD Takaful.

In an effort to make financial management more fun and engaging, FWD Takaful has created a new mobile game where players can learn more about Takaful, yay!

Set against the backdrop of 21st century Malaysia, Komuniti Kita centres around university graduates Ali, Aisyah, Mary, and Chen. The gameplay involves helping these characters achieve their aspirations and financial goals by navigating through exciting Malaysian-themed levels, such as the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, and the captivating scenery of a traditional kampung, wahh bestnyaa :D

If you love reading comic books, you'll enjoy the comic strips in this mobile game, which tells the story of each character

Image via Komuniti Kita

You will start off the game with Chapter One, which is Ali's story. It begins by telling his unfortunate incident where he got into an accident, but luckily his mother participated in a medical Takaful plan, so he was able to get the medical treatment necessary to cover the costs.

During the gameplay, it's your job to collect as many coins as you can to save up for his book cafe, awww. You'll even be able to earn coins by solving community problems, as well as remove obstacles by completing simple tasks.

Image via Google Play

Once you've completed Ali's journey, you can unlock the other characters and earn more coins to achieve their ambitions! Plus, you can compete with others for a chance to be featured on the leaderboard.

The main objective of Komuniti Kita is to educate Malaysians about the beauty of Takaful, and how it benefits everyone

Throughout the game, you will be able to learn more about what Takaful has to offer with fun and engaging quizzes! 

Here's how Takaful can be beneficial to society: 

- As a Shariah-compliant protection plan, you are protecting not only yourself, but a group of other participants, as you mutually agree to help each other when you contribute to this plan. 

- The whole concept of Takaful is to not adopt elements that are against Islamic law, such as uncertainty, gambling, or interest. 

You can also take part in an exciting challenge where you stand to win Razer products, and you can start by downloading Komuniti Kita!

Those with the top three high scores in Komuniti Kita will win these prizes! Here's how you can join and win:

STEP 1: Follow FWD Takaful on Instagram.

STEP 2: Download Komuniti Kita on Google Play or the App Store and play the game to beat the highest score on the leaderboard of #KomunitiChallenge Round 2.

STEP 3: Share your Komuniti Kita high score, and tag two friends in the comment section on FWD Takaful's Instagram post to finalise your entry! 

Make sure to play the game as soon as possible, as the last day to participate in the challenge is on 18 December! 

What are you waiting for? Play Komuniti Kita and participate in the giveaway for a chance to win big! You can find out more at FWD Takaful's Komuniti Kita website.

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