See The New Dyson Vacuum Cleaner We Flew To Bangkok For

Easily the company's best product to date.

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There's something exciting about a Dyson machine.

The curves are futuristic while hints of bright purple and red wrap around the cylindrical shell. A quick peep inside the transparent plastic case lets you see what's under the hood.

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You almost need to pinch yourself to remember it's a vacuum cleaner

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It's hard not to think of vacuum cleaners when Dyson comes up in conversation.

The company's origin story has been told many times: In a nutshell, James Dyson’s frustration with insufficient suction led him to invent the bagless vacuum cleaner 34 years ago.

The vacuum cleaners were not just improved versions of the household appliance; Dyson made sure they looked stunning as well. 

The most recent iteration is an improved version of its V8 machine, a cordless vacuum cleaner that can be converted into a handheld for spot cleaning and cleaning difficult places

Dyson design engineer Sam Twist explaining the mechanics behind the V8 Carbon Fibre.

Image via Dyson

We were invited to a special launch event in Bangkok where the UK-based tech company unveiled the latest addition to its range of cord-free vacuum cleaners: the V8 Carbon Fibre.

The new device utilises the same technology from previous Dyson machines which provides optimum cleaning capabilities. But with the addition of a better battery pack and engine, the V8 Carbon Fibre certainly packs a stronger punch as compared to its predecessors. 

For starters, the V8 Carbon Fibre has increased Air Watts (AW) by 30%. In other words – the new machine is now even better at what it does.

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That capability was shown off in a curious exhibition, one that entailed a vacuum-sealed container and some water. This machine certainly sucks, in the best possible way.

The vacuum's chamber consists of 15 cyclones working together to increase airflow and capture fine dust. It is tightly sealed so you won't have to worry about dust spillage.

Image via Dyson

During the event, there was a hands-on session where we were tasked to make a mess (literally) and clean it up afterwards.

From corn chips to oregano, sprinkles to baking soda; we tried the vacuum and everything became squeaky clean in an instant.

This machine runs on an improved battery pack that's capable of 40 minutes of non-stop vacuuming on low power mode

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Dyson says the nickel-cobalt-aluminium battery does not fade over time. There's a battery runtime indicator that gives you a visual indication of cleaning time remaining. 

Dyson engineers made the machine with versatility and durability in mind. The brush bars and heads have been re-engineered with carbon fibre; a material known for high stiffness and strength.

One looks like a lightsaber!

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The heads allow for cleaning a variety of textured spaces. There’s a tool specifically designed for carpets, hardwood floors, mattresses, and even one for cleaning up pet fur.

Various accessories, like a multi-angle brush, allow you to modify the machine to clean hard to reach areas.

Rounding off the futuristic, almost cyberpunk-like appeal, is a wall-mounted charging dock that also acts as a placement stand.

Who knew a vacuum cleaner could look this sexy?

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The Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre will be available in Malaysia this February. It will retail at RM3,399.

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