New Internet Service Provider Promises To Offer 100% Coverage Throughout Malaysia

"We are levelling the playing field for those without home broadband."

A new Internet service provider is entering Malaysia and it promises to provide 100% coverage throughout the country

Image via CONNECTme

CONNECTme, the latest addition to a market currently dominated by the likes of TM and Maxis, aims to provide Internet coverage to "every home in Malaysia".

"We are levelling the playing field for those without home broadband. Experience 100% coverage throughout Malaysia," said CONNECTme on its website.

Unlike the typical provider, CONNECTme uses satellite access which allows users to stay connected nationwide

Image via CONNECTme

Subscribers are required to install a dish on the wall or roof and two special cables which connect the dish to a modem inside the home. 

However, it warned that rain could cause service disruptions, with excessive rain possibly causing slowdown longer than 30 minutes.

CONNECTme promises download speeds of up to 15Mbps at its best

Image via CONNECTme

The service did not specify its upload speed. CONNECTme also stated in the FAQ section that it's not suitable for real-time gaming, while VPN users might experience slower connectivity. 

Three packages are listed on its website

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CONNECTme focuses primarily on home usage. For the on-demand package, subscribers will have to pay RM25/GB, while the fixed commitment options cost RM450/month with 25GB quota tied to a 6-month contract. 

The on-demand package, which is not bound by contract, comes with a massive upfront fee of RM2,500 and RM500 for an annual fee, but it comes with free 25GB monthly data for the first six months. 

The [email protected] option allows subscribers to connect to the service's Wi-Fi hotspots at RM10/GB. No installation fee is required for this. 

CONNECTme is slated to launch on 8 March 2018. Head on over to its official website here to register your interest or for more information.

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