This Air Purifier Filters Unsafe Particles & Dust, While Keeping Your Room Cool & Breezy

It can project cool air up to 16 metres!

Cover image via Acerpure & Mekanika

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If you're looking for a sleek air purifier that not only cleans your air but circulates it to keep your house cool, check out Acer's latest air circulator and purifier, Acerpure Cool

Image via Acerpure

Built as a 2-in-1 model, Acerpure Cool comes in a sleek and lightweight design that functions as an air purifier and circulator. In other words, Acerpure Cool not only cleans your air, but also streams clean and cool air throughout your home. 

So, whether you and your loved ones need to get rid of dust particles or want some cool air because of the humid weather, this compact and mighty device has everything you need. 

Check out the features Acerpure Cool has to ensure clean air throughout your home:

1. The compact model takes only three minutes to circulate the air in your room

Image via Acerpure

Of course, depending on your room size, it could take longer. Assuming your room is about 290 sq ft with a ceiling height of 2.8 meters, Acerpure Cool cleans and circulates the air in your room within three minutes. 

So, if you're sensitive to dust, fret not! With Acerpure Cool, you won't have to wait long for clean, fresh air.

At the same time, you can always monitor your air quality through its light indicator, which displays green light for good air quality, yellow light for medium, and red light for poor.

2. It filters unsafe particles and dust in the air thoroughly

Image via Acerpure

In every home, there are bound to be tonnes of unsafe particles and dust lying around, which we can't detect with our naked eye. However, with Acerpure Cool, you can rest assured that the air you're breathing is clean, as it goes through a three-in-one HEPA filter.

It removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, meaning particles and allergens under PM1.0 get eliminated. Additionally, it also rids of odours too, so your surroundings always smell fresh.

If you're living with pets, Acerpure Cool also makes an excellent purifier to use, as it gets rid of pet hair and dander.

3. You can control the direction of the air, which is perfect for rooms with different layouts

Image via Mekanika

Enjoy the cool air no matter where you are in your room, as it comes with a 90-degree swing that can move up and down, as well as an 80-degree left to right oscillation. 

Moreover, the circulation fan projects filtered air up to 16 metres away with its Airflow Booster. And thanks to this function, the Acerpure Cool can also dry your clothes, which is great for rainy days when you can't dry your clothes outdoors. 

4. It has different modes and functions to cater to all your needs

Image via Mekanika

Acer knows that every home has different needs, which is why the brand has designed an intimate function to suit everyone at home. Acerpure Cool comes with an LED Intuitive Touch Panel that has different settings such as quiet mode, safety lock, timer, fan speed, and more. It also comes with a remote control so you can choose your settings from a distance. 

Besides that, Acerpure Cool is also designed to detect the air quality around you as well. Once it detects that the air quality is bad, its PM 1.0 Air Quality Sensor automatically increases its purifier fan speed to provide cleaner air.

Set your fresh air in motion with Acerpure Cool. It comes in either dark grey or white, and is available for RM1,299 with an extra HEPA filter replacement at Acer's official store.

Find out more about the product here. You can also like and follow Acer's Facebook and Instagram page for any latest updates.

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