Apple Pay Is Finally Out In Malaysia. Here's Everything You Need To Know About It

Compatible devices, issuing banks, and steps on how to use it!

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Malaysians, rejoice! After an extensive wait, Apple Pay is finally here for you to enjoy.

People who opt for Apple devices such an iPhone (6 and above) as well as an Apple Watch (Series 1 and above) will be able to fully benefit from this payment method. 

But first, what exactly is Apple Pay?

Image via Apple Developer

Apple Pay is a form of NFC-enabled payment technology which allows you to authenticate seamless transactions from just your iPhone or Apple Watch. 

Aside from replacing physical cards, it also provides a safer, more secure, and private payment system compatible with modern Apple products.

This way, you wouldn't need to keep swiping your bank cards whenever you're in the store. Woo! 

Currently, Ambank, Maybank, and Standard Chartered are the only issuing banks connected to the payment service

According to SoyaCincau, Apple Pay is only compatible with Ambank's credit cards, however, Maybank supports debit, credit, and even prepaid cards. 

Malaysia is also the second country in Southeast Asia to receive Apple Pay reports that Malaysia's receival of Apple Pay comes after Singapore's launch of the service back in 2016. Malaysia is also the ninth country in the Asia Pacific to be granted this payment method. 

Here's a visual guide on how to use it

1. First, open your Wallet app

2. Then, click on the '+' icon

3. Select 'Debit or Credit Card' option

4. Proceed with 'Continue'

5. Position your card and scan it

6. Choose your preferred method of card verification

7. Your Debit/Credit Card will then be added to your Apple Pay, ready for use!

You can even tune in to this helpful video from Apple Support for extra guidance on how to set it up

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