Then Vs Now: Here's A Look At The Evolution Of Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip Over The Years

It's been four years since we saw the first iteration of the Galaxy Z Flip.

Cover image via Samsung

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Flip phones have been around for years, going in and out of trend.

But in 2020, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip marked a resurgence for these devices, ushering in a modern era of flip phones.

Since then, wave after wave of these devices have hit the market, including offerings from competitor brands.

Samsung has, however, continued to hone its craft and pioneer the development of what we now know as foldable smartphones. 

Image via Samsung

Here's a look at the evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip:

1. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (2020)

Image via Samsung

In 2020, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Flip, a device that could fold effortlessly in half and stand upright on its own. Its compact design was small enough to fit in the palm of the user's hand, and unfolding it revealed a wide cinematic 6.7-inch display.

With the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung revolutionised user interaction by introducing Hideaway Hinge, which allowed users to open and position their phones at any angle. Flex mode also automatically divided the screen into two when the device was folded.

Image via Samsung

For example, in the camera app, users could preview the viewfinder on the top while adjusting the camera modes or lenses on the bottom. In addition, the phone supported Multi Window, enabling multitasking by simultaneously displaying different content on each screen.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (2021)

Image via Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 arrived in 2021, and one of the most notable upgrades was its expanded Cover Screen. Going beyond just displaying time and date, users got to customise their Cover Screen with images, GIFs, and eight lines of notifications and messages. Samsung Pay also transformed Cover Screens into wallets.

In terms of camera features, the Galaxy Z Flip3 elevated user experience with Auto Framing, which detected the location and number of people or objects within the frame and automatically adjusted the format accordingly for photos and videos. Dual Preview also enabled both the photographer and the subject to view previews of photos at the same time.

Image via Samsung

Besides that, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 boasted improved durability, thanks to Armor Aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. It also came equipped with IPX8 water resistance, breaking new ground for foldable smartphones.

3. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 (2022)

Image via Samsung

In 2022, Samsung released the Galaxy Z Flip4, which came complete with a host of practical features, including a touchpad that supported a range of controls and swipe gestures for multitasking.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 also gave users more control than ever over their pictures. By simply pressing the side button twice, users could use the Galaxy Z Flip4's Quick Shot feature to capture moments and selfies without opening their phones.

Image via Samsung

This iteration of the foldable smartphone effortlessly blended high-performance capabilities with a personalised touch, offering a combination of five glass colours, including Yellow, White, Navy, Khaki and Red, and three frame colour options, including Silver, Gold and Black.

4. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 (2023)

Image via Samsung

Finally, this brings us to the present day. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 delivers the most stylish and unique foldable experience yet, with its most prominent feature being the upgraded Flex Window that is 3.78 times larger than its predecessor's Cover Screen.

Thanks to the larger screen, users can easily check and control Widgets, including the weather, stock market and music, without ever unfolding their phones. The wider Cover Screen and fully accessible QWERTY keyboard make checking and responding to phone calls and messages even easier.

Image via Samsung

The new Flex Window also provides a versatile camera experience. Check your smile on the Flex Window before capturing stunning, hands-free photos from creative angles.

Image via Samsung

Lastly, there are countless ways to customise your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 inside and out. For instance, the new Flipsuit Case is equipped with a changeable NFC card, called Flipsuit Card, so users can coordinate their Flex Window design and case design for even more personalisation options.

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