We Tried Using The All-New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 For A Day. Here Are Our Thoughts

Might just fold, ngl.

Cover image via Hafiz Zainuddin/SAYS

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Ever since the release of the first Galaxy Z Fold in 2019, Samsung has consistently been refining its premium foldable smartphone model

The South Korean tech giant has definitely made significant strides in the production of the device. And these strides are seen clearly through their newest foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold5, which was unveiled yesterday during the Galaxy Unpacked event.

We had the chance to experience the Galaxy Z Fold5 firsthand, and here are some of our thoughts.

At a glance, the Galaxy Z Fold5 doesn't look all that different from its predecessor — but it actually packs an improved flex hinge that makes the phone stronger and more flexible

Samsung has installed a new integrated hinge module with a dual rail structure, making it sturdier than last year's Galaxy Z Fold4. 

It's also 10g lighter and 2.4mm thinner than its predecessor, making it the thinnest and lightest foldable Samsung device to date.

Galaxy Z Fold smartphones have always been known to boost productivity through its unique screen setup, and now, Samsung has extended its support for professional solutions too

One of the best features of the Galaxy Z Fold smartphones is that you'll be able to open up to three apps at once through its three-layered screen setup, allowing you to boost productivity and multitask.

For the Galaxy Z Fold5, Samsung is working together with various professional solutions providers so their applications can seamlessly blend with the foldable smartphone's ecosystem. 

Some of these companies include DocuSign, an application that lets you digitally sign a document and send it instantly, and Wrike, a project management tool that companies can use to optimise their employees' workflow with maximum efficiency.

If you're looking for a foldable smartphone that's sleek, yet powerful, the Samsung Galaxy Fold5 is worth considering.

It retails from RM6,799, and is now available for pre-order.

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