Is iPhone Or Android Better? Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri Shares His Thoughts

The age-old debate between iOS and Android has always sparked heated discussions online and offline.

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Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, recently shared his thoughts on the age-old debate between two major smartphone operating systems (OS) in the market: iOS versus Android

His views reignited the smartphone war that has raged on since the beginning of the smartphone era.

Image via Threads

According to Mosseri, current Android is better than iOS

Mosseri posted his thoughts on Threads in response to tech reviewer cum YouTuber Marques Brownlee's question asking for 'tech hot takes'. Mosseri's response, "Android's now better than iOS", has received over 500 replies and more than 3,500 likes with people expressing their thoughts.

Here's what netizens had to say:

Image via Threads
Image via Threads
Image via Threads

Mosseri did not elaborate on why he found Android to be superior

However, his mention of it being 'now better' suggests he might have previously favoured iOS.

Both iOS and Android have achieved significant success since the debut of the first iPhone in 2007 and Android phones in 2008. Interestingly, Instagram was an iOS-exclusive app when it was first launched in 2010.

Based on information from Counterpoint Research, iPhones are currently more popular than Android devices among Americans

Apple held a dominant 52% share of the US smartphone market, with Samsung following as the second-largest player with a 27% share. The rest of the market share was distributed among various other brands like Google and Lenovo, all of which use Android.

However, Statistica estimates that Android remains the dominant global mobile operating system, widely used by most phone manufacturers globally

It holds a substantial market share of 70.8%. On the other hand, Apple's iOS secures the second position with a market share of 28.4%. These estimates encompass not only smartphones but also other devices like tablets that run mobile operating systems.

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