Google Celebrates Various Ways Malaysians Eat 'National Dish' Nasi Lemak With Doodles

They even included its supposed "origin story" in it.

Cover image via Asian Food Channel/Google (Edited by SAYS)

If you had nasi lemak for breakfast this morning while working on your laptop, you might have wondered if Google was spying on you

Netizens are abuzz over the tech giant's decision to switch out its logo with a doodle celebrating the "national dish of Malaysia" nasi lemak today.

According to the Google Doodle page, the illustration has also reached Japan, China, Australia, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Users who click on the Doodle will be treated to a visual delight that details the process of cooking nasi lemak

The video also shows the various ways nasi lemak is served, including "bungkus"-style.

Image via Google
Image via Google

San Francisco bay area illustrator and game artist Alyssa Winans is the creator of the gorgeous visuals, while the music was composed by multi-instrumentalist Silas Hite. The video was produced by Google program manager Colin Duffy.

Google also put together a short explanation on the delicacy, including its supposed origin

Image via Google

"According to legend, the daughter of a widow named Mak Kuntum accidentally spilled coconut milk into the rice pot. 'What did you cook?' Mak asked and her daughter answered. 'Nasi le, Mak!' (Rice, mother!)," Google explained.

Revel in the beauty of our national dish here:

There's no denying the love Malaysians have for nasi lemak. We would even wear it around with us!

And other times, we will defend it with all our might:

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