ChatGPT-4o Is Free: Here's How You Can Get Access To It

The new upgrade will eventually be able to talk to you as well!

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The latest iteration of ChatGPT is here, and it's available to everyone

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OpenAI's ChatGPT has received a significant enhancement with the introduction of the new GPT-4o model, also known as Omni. This advanced multimodal AI can effortlessly comprehend text, images, video, and audio. It is notably faster and is expected to eventually engage in verbal conversations with you.

Currently, its primary advantage lies in delivering substantial reasoning, processing, and natural language abilities to the free version of ChatGPT for the first time. In the Spring Update announcement, the company expressed its aim to make AI widely accessible.

Here's how you can gain access to GPT-4o

Just follow the steps below to get access to GPT-4o:

Step 1- Sign in to ChatGPT
Step 2- On the top left of your screen, check your model choices.
Step 3- You're done!

You may be already on GPT-4o, but if you're still on GPT-3.5, then you can change it in Step 2. You can also switch the AI model you're using midway through a conversation.

For instance, if you want to control the number of messages sent using GPT-4o, you could begin the conversation with GPT-3.5. Then, by selecting the sparkle icon at the end of a response, you can choose GPT-4o, which might be required for more complex math queries, and the next response will be generated using GPT-4o.

While not all features are available at the moment, you can already give the new AI model a try

Currently, you'll have access to the chat version of GPT-4o. The more advanced voice and video functionalities are being "gradually rolled out" over the coming weeks, starting with Plus and Team accounts.

Free account users will experience the most significant change, as GPT-4o not only outperforms the previously available GPT-3.5 model but also offers improvements over GPT-4. Additionally, users can now run code snippets, analyse images and text files, and utilise custom GPT chatbots.

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