For The Next 2 Months, You'll Get Twice Your Money Back For Fare Disputes On Grab

The offer is only applicable for payments made via GrabPay.

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If you're a regular user of ride-hailing apps like Grab, you've probably experienced a fare dispute at some point or other

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Whether it's by human error or a bug in the app's system, no one likes having to go through the process of having to settle a fare dispute.

It becomes especially complicated when you pay with cash because you can't really prove exactly how much you paid for your ride.

In an effort to help you avoid this inconvenience, Grab is encouraging their users to go cashless and use the GrabPay option instead

Forget about all the hassles of paying with cash, like only having a big note to pay for a small amount or not having enough money to pay your total.

GrabPay works by allowing you to link up your credit and/or debit cards to your Grab account. Then, when you book a ride, just choose the the card you want to pay with and the fare amount will be charged to it.

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Grab wants to reassure their users that GrabPay is a completely safe method of payment - it's more secure than you know

Since its launch early last year, GrabPay has been upheld to the industry's highest security standards. GrabPay has a risk and fraud detection system in place to ensure the safety of all cashless transactions.

The system continues to evolve and be improved through the use of sophisticated machine learning algorithms that progressively builds on the knowledge Grab has of their drivers, passengers, and travel patterns.

Grab also won the Best Fraud Prevention Innovation category at the Florins Awards 2016. Find out more about it here.

To prove the safety of GrabPay, Grab will refund double your fare amount in the case of any fare dispute

These are the 2 situations in which you are eligible for a 2x refund:

1. If you were charged but no ride took place.
Example: You booked a ride but were not picked up. Yet, the ride ends up being tagged as complete later on and you are charged RM10 for it.
You will receive: RM10 transferred back into your account via GrabPay + RM10 off your next Grab ride via a promo code.

2. You were accidentally charged extra.
Example: Your original fare should only be RM10 but you were charged RM12 instead.
You will receive: RM2 transferred back into your account via GrabPay + RM2 off your next Grab ride via a promo code.

Each verified dispute will be refunded within 7 working days. This offer ends on 19 July 2017 and is only applicable if your payment was made via GrabPay. Terms and conditions apply.

There's also a promo code to give users an added incentive for opting to use GrabPay

From 18 - 30 May 2017, if you use GrabPay, you'll be able to get RM5 off 5 Grab rides with the following promo code: SECURE5. This is valid nationwide on all verticals except GrabHitch.

Do note that there is a max redemption cap of RM20,000 daily applicable. Terms and conditions apply.

Find out more about GrabPay and its accompanying promos here

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