3 Misconceptions You May Have Heard About Becoming A Grab Driver Or Rider

TL;DR: Grab offers benefits and incentives to ensure you are taken care of, on and off the road.

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Have you been contemplating about becoming a Grab driver or rider?

Grab has been part and parcel of Malaysian life for several years now.

Before the brand blossomed into its role as one of the nation's leading digital wallets, food delivery services, and platform for essential everyday needs, it began by offering affordable and convenient e-hailing rides as an alternative to traditional taxis.

Since then, Grab has been connecting people looking to earn additional income (while working flexible hours) with new opportunities as drivers and riders for services on the app.

Be it savings for retirement or protection on the road, there are probably a few things that you're unsure of when it comes to working with Grab — so, let's clear up some of these common misconceptions:

Misconception 1: It's expensive to become an e-hailing driver with Grab

It costs RM0 to start driving with Grab, as the company subsidises up to 100% of your e-hailing license costs! :D Known as a PSV license, which is a type of vocational driving license, e-hailing driver-partners must first obtain a permit to drive any kind of vehicle used to transport paying customers. 

On top of that, Grab also covers up to RM100 for riders' and drivers' e-Hailing Vehicle Permit (EVP). In fact, Grab is touted to be the only platform to provide such a high number of subsidies for its e-hailing drivers!

Other one-off reimbursements offered to driver-partners include:
- RM70 for the initial PUSPAKOM vehicle inspection
- RM50 medical checkup costs for PSV licence for Klang Valley driver-partners
- RM80 medical checkup costs for PSV licence for driver-partners outside Klang Valley
- RM120 for PSV training and the exam

Find out more here

Misconception 2: Grab does not provide riders or drivers with any form of protection for their work

It's natural to have concerns about accidents on the road while working. But no need to fret, 'cause Grab provides free insurance for drivers and partners, so you're always protected in your day-to-day job.

Food delivery riders will be automatically covered under Grab Travel Insurance (Personal Accident) and Monthly Insurance 24/7 GrabBenefits, the latter of which protects riders if they get into an accident before or after making a delivery.

Meanwhile, Grab drivers will have to opt in on their own personal insurance plans, as they will be offered the flexibility to choose a plan that covers their spouse and family.

Find out more information on insurance for riders here, and for drivers here.

Misconception 3: Grab drivers will not be able to do any form of long-term saving for retirement

Rest assured, you'll be able to save for your future, as Grab allows you to easily contribute to EPF from your earnings.

This is possible through i-Saraan, a voluntary contribution scheme with a retirement incentive exclusive for self-employed EPF members who do not earn a regular income.

Through this scheme, you will receive an additional 15% government contribution annually (capped at RM250 per year) on top of your contributions to your EPF account.

Plus, eligible drivers will even get up to 10% additional EPF contribution from Grab!

Here's a closer look at the benefits under i-Saraan from KWSP:
- RM2,500 death benefit (subject to terms and conditions)
- Earn EPF dividend on total retirement savings annually
- Tax exemption

Find out more here.

Ready to get on board as a Grab driver? Sign up, active and start driving today to earn a bonus of up to RM 1,000 from Grab!

Image via Grab

Whether it is dropping off passengers or delivering food, Grab is always on the lookout for drivers and riders to join its fold.

Not only will you be able to enjoy benefits like personal insurance and EPF savings for your future, but you can also expect to cash out your earnings daily, as well as earn a bonus of up to RM1,000 when you activate and start driving with Grab!

Here's a step-by-step guide to earning a bonus of up to RM1,000:
Step 1: Click here and register as a Grab Driver
Step 2: Complete your online training and face-to-face verifications
Step 3: Receive your PSV License
Step 4: Get your e-Hailing Vehicle Permit (EVP) from Grab and get started!
Step 5: Get started and drive 30 trips (within 30 days from your date of activation) to earn a bonus of RM500, or drive 60 trips (within 30 days from your date of activation) to earn a bonus of RM1,000

To learn more about this bonus, click here.

So, if you're looking for a great gig with flexible hours and a good income, consider signing up to become a Grab driver today!

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