Local Brands Are Using This AI Platform To Run Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns

Easy steps, effective results.

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When it comes to digital marketing, it can be difficult for brands and businesses to come up with effective campaigns that meet their needs

Common problems include not having enough knowledge or experience to navigate the digital space, having a limited budget, and not knowing how to reach their specific target audience.

The last thing brands want to do is waste their money and resources on ineffective digital marketing campaigns, but sometimes, that's exactly what ends up happening.

Enter REV Ad Manager (RAM), a unique solution that empowers brands and agencies to target audiences based on strategic consumer insights

The self-serve platform is a collaboration between REV Media Group, the leading digital publisher in Malaysia and digital arm of Media Prima Berhad, and Dattel Asia Group, a data analytics and consumer intelligence company.

Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), RAM allows small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to leverage the platform's data to make more informed marketing decisions.

With this platform, you'll have access to over 35 top authority brands represented by REV Media Group, allowing you to take advantage of their extensive distribution network that reaches out to more than 15 million people each month, which is about 80% of Malaysia's Internet population.

RAM is your starting point for running ad campaigns and reaching your ideal audience to grow your business. In simpler words, it is basically a tool that lets you easily and effortlessly create and manage your ads.

Recently, CROWDFACTOR X, the world's first crowdfunding online reality show successfully used RAM to increase their viewership

Held via live web broadcasts, CROWDFACTOR X is a show in which eight seasoned entrepreneurs get their companies thoroughly examined to find out which one of them is worthy of getting crowdfunding worth RM25 million.

In an effort to drive traffic to their website, the show turned to RAM. At an affordable rate of RM1,000 per campaign, CROWDFACTOR X only spent RM4,000 to run four campaigns in two ad formats via RAM, all of which were successful and exceeded benchmarks.

Their MREC ads saw an increase in clickthrough rate (CTR) from 0.18% to 0.30%, while the Mobile Sticky Bottom ads' CTR increased from 3.08% to 5.1%.

"We have successfully generated a total of 54,000 viewership to our CROWDFACTOR X content after running ads with RAM. We also attracted lots of sponsors who are willing to sponsor the next series and planning for the next marketing project," said Ernie Chen, Director and Host of CROWDFACTOR X.

Additionally, family-friendly clothing company Umbi Kids was able to use RAM to generate more sales leading up to Hari Raya

Focusing on a single campaign for performance ad type (mobile sticky bottom), Umbi Kids saw their CTR exceed the benchmark, up to 3.53%. By only spending RM2,000 on this ad campaign, they were able to increase their sales during the festive season.

"REV Ad Manager has definitely empowered SMEs like us to reach out to more targeted audiences. They are flexible in customising the marketing campaign based on your marketing budget, which is extremely helpful!", said Heng Yeow Tang, Marketing Director Umbi Kids.

With RAM, getting your brand out there is no longer a hassle and doesn't have to drain your budget. Most importantly, you'll get the results you desire.

Here are a few advantages of using RAM:
- Businesses can buy into network audiences, instead of individual channels
- Businesses don't have to choose channels, as RAM will recommend and serve the most suitable ones
- Businesses get to enjoy strategic audience targetting with with AI consumer models

Best of all, using RAM is straightforward and simple, only requiring five simple steps.

STEP 1: Create campaign
STEP 2: Create audience
STEP 3: Create relevant creatives
STEP 4: Pay and publish ad (from as low as RM1,000 per campaign)
STEP 5: Get performance report

Interested in using RAM to run your own effective digital marketing campaigns beyond social media?

Connect with them via their website to get started.

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