Here’s How Sony Is Bringing Authentic Cinema Experience To Your Living Room

Imagine having true surround sound without ever leaving the comfort of your couch.

Cover image via SONY

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Imagine having true surround sound without needing to leave your home

Effortlessly looking like a contemporary art piece.

Image via Sony

Sony just announced a new product called the HT-AX7, and it's not your ordinary sound device. This time, they've come up with something unexpected: a portable speaker system for all you surround sound-loving home theatre fans.

And get this, it's not just a speaker — it's a piece of three! You've got the main speaker, which looks pretty sleek and can sit nicely on your coffee table without looking like a weird piece of 2000s tech.

They've also included two smaller circular speakers that you can place in different corners of your room. It's like creating your very own immersive surround sound experience right at home.

Sony's 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology takes over once you've placed the sneakers around your room

Once you've placed the speakers around your room, Sony's 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology takes over. It simulates virtual speakers to complement the three real ones, producing a whole bunch of front, rear, and even overhead sound channels. This magical technology simply surrounds you with a hemisphere of sound, just like in movie theatres.

But here's the cool part: even if you're listening to a regular ol' stereo mix, the AX7 has a trick up its sleeve. It's got this nifty Upmixer Algorithm that can convert that basic stereo sound into glorious three-dimensional surround sound. How does it do it? By analyzing the sound in real-time and intelligently redistributing individual sounds. Pretty neat, huh?

You can also use it for conference calls, but why would you?

Image via Sony

You also don't need to worry about tangled wires as the three wireless speakers communicate seamlessly via Bluetooth

So, if you want to move the whole setup to another room, it's a breeze to set up again.

Also, charging is just a breeze: the main speaker acts as a dock for the two smaller speakers for 30-hours of playtime. If you’re in a rush, you can charge the satellite speakers for 10-minutes and get up to 150 minutes of playtime, more than enough to finish that one episode of Game of Thrones.

We can expect the device to launch in November

Sony is well known for their home entertainment and audio systems, so fans can wait in anticipation!

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